DIY wooden furniture

Felling trees and removing branches? Your STIHL chainsaw can do so much more! It can also be used very effectively for creative projects. From delicate wooden lanterns to practical seating, we give you inspiration on wooden furniture you can build yourself. Our projects are suitable for both advanced DIYers and beginners.

A DIY log store in a garden, filled with properly stacked firewood

Build your own log store

Firewood is best stored in a wooden shelter. If you want to store your wood correctly and are not afraid of a challenge, why not build your own shelter? Our step-by-step guide will show you how.
DIY firewood shelter
A man standing beside a finished garden shed with trees behind it

How to build a garden shed

A dry storage location is essential for protecting your garden tools from cold, dirt and moisture. With our building instructions and a little craftsmanship, you can build your own spacious tool shed with a fantastic living green roof.
DIY garden shed
A finished wooden garden table on a lawn, surrounded by sawdust

How to make a DIY garden table

This simple step-by-step guide will show you how to build your own rustic garden table. Its natural design fits into any garden, and with the right wood protection it will last for years. A piece of furniture that is practical, beautiful and timeless.
DIY garden table
A finished log chair in front of a pile of tree trunks

How to make a log chair

In just a few steps, you can build an inviting seat for your terrace. This wooden chair can be used alone or as a great addition to your garden table. Find the instructions you need to make it here.
DIY wooden chair
Two DIY log lanterns with patterns cut into the side and lights inside

How to make a DIY log lantern

Wood carving can be fun! With the right tools and a little skill, you can build your own wooden lantern to bring an atmospheric light to your house and garden. We show you how to safely hollow out pieces of wood and saw impactful light slots into your lantern using the plunge cut technique.
DIY wooden lantern
A DIY cracked log lamp with slits for the light to shine through

How to make a DIY cracked log lamp

A chainsaw can help transform a tree trunk into a special decorative piece that makes a wonderful decoration for a balcony or living room. Find out how to easily build a wooden lamp which you can also use as a stool or side table.
DIY wooden lamp
A wooden sandpit with bench seats stands on a green lawn, with buckets and other toys inside it.

How to build a DIY wooden sandpit

Building your own sandpit is easy. It is important to choose the right location, the right wood and the perfect sand to ensure your sandpit will last for years to come. With our clear instructions, the little ones will soon be enjoying hours of digging fun.
DIY sandpit
A man wearing ear protection using a STIHL MS 180 chainsaw is working on a DIY garden bench

How to make a DIY garden bench

A DIY garden bench is an impressive piece and looks exactly as you imagine it. Our guide will explain how to select the right wood for your bench and how to care for it. Then with our step-by-step instructions, you can build your own garden bench.
DIY garden bench
Three children playing football with a wooden football goal in the garden

Build your own football goal

Ready to turn your garden into a pitch of dreams? There's no jumpers for goalposts here! Take a look at our instructions on how to build your own football goal for your garden and keep the kids entertained for hours!
DIY footbal goal

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