Garden power tool maintenance and operation

Working safely

Any successful project depends on safe working and effective power tool use. Our collection of power tool maintenance tips supports you with both.

A STIHL AK 10 battery in a charger on a shelf, as someone checks the power level

Battery care

Products in the STIHL cordless power tool ranges run on lithium-ion batteries – hedge trimmers, chainsaws, robot lawn mowers and many other garden tools. Discover the practical advantages of cordless tools with lithium-ion batteries, and why the memory effect is not a problem.
Battery care
A STIHL MS 261 C-M petrol chainsaw on a tree stump surrounded by greenery

Chainsaw tips

Learn how to maintain your saw and how to sharpen and tension the saw chain. You can also find tips on protective equipment, the right fuel mixture for your chainsaw, how to cut firewood and safe working practices.
Chainsaw tips
A man is walking away with a STIHL FS311 clearing saw on his shoulder and in the background is a green hill and houses

Grass trimmer care and usage tips

There are various things to consider when it comes to grass trimmer maintenance: ensuring the cutting tool and engine are in perfect condition, not to mention using the right protective equipment and fuel mix. You’ll also find expert information about starting and storing your grass trimmer.
Grass trimmers and brushcutters
Woman stores her STIHL petrol lawn mower RM 448 TC in a garage

Lawn mower tips

Find out how to sharpen mower blades, and how to prepare and store your lawn mower safely over winter. On the other hand, if you have a ride-on mower you might like to find out how you can add a snow plough to it for some extra assistance in the colder months.
Lawn mowers
A STIHL HSA 56 cordless hedge trimmer being cleaned with a brush by someone wearing gloves

Hedge trimmer tips and advice

Keep your hedge trimmers ready for action with regular cleaning, oiling and maintenance. We tell you everything you need to know to sharpen your hedge trimmer blades yourself.
Hedge trimmers
A STIHL iMOW® RI 422 robot lawn mower on a lawn in front of a house

Robot mower tips

If you’re blessed with plenty of lawn but a shortage of time, our robotic lawn mowers can help you keep your grass looking great. Find out how to install your robotic lawn mower and create a mowing plan, as well as some essential tips on cleaning, storage and maintenance.
Robotic lawn mowers
A STIHL RE 130 plus high-pressure cleaner and a STIHL brushcutter stored next to garden tools in a garage

Pressure washer tips

Even the most stubborn dirt can be removed with the powerful water jet from a high-pressure cleaner. We have put together some key tips in our handy guides to help you work very effectively with your high-pressure cleaner and get the results you want.
Read our high-pressure cleaner tips now
Three men wearing STIHL protective clothing prepare to work with a STIHL chainsaw with a stack of tree trunks behind

Working safely takes priority

Safe working is paramount for STIHL. Find out about dust classes and cut protection clothing here, as well as other guidelines and instructions to make your work safer.
More about safe working
Men in protective gear stand in front of felled trees

Protective equipment

To work safely with any garden power tool, you need the right clothing and equipment. At STIHL, we put an emphasis on exceptional user comfort, optimised protection and safety.

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