Three professionals working with STIHL cordless power tools on a loading surface, while a woman wearing STIHL gear cuts a hedge in the background
A woman wearing STIHL protective equipment walks along a path bordered by square-trimmed bushes with a cordless power tool in her hand

By professionals. For professionals.

Thanks to years of investment in Research and Development, STIHL tools will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Technology highlights and innovations

Close-up of someone cutting through a tree trunk with the STIHL MSA 300 cordless chainsaw

MSA 300: The most powerful chainsaw in the world

The STIHL MSA 300 cordless chainsaw is specially designed for professional applications – whether in landscaping or in the forestry sector. It can be used to fell, prune and cut up small and medium-sized trees.

Close-up of someone cutting through a tree trunk with the STIHL MSA 300 cordless chainsaw

The best in its class: STIHL AP 500 S

This powerful, durable STIHL AP 500 S lithium-ion battery is compatible with all cordless power tools in the STIHL AP System. It is suitable for professional use in garden care, landscaping and tree maintenance.

Close-up of the STIHL Hexa saw chain

The 3/8" Rapid Hexa saw chain from STIHL

Thanks to its innovative tooth shape, the Rapid Hexa saw chain delivers particularly impressive cutting performance, making it ideal for professional forestry and timber harvesting applications. 

Safe working with STIHL

Three men wearing protective equipment in front of a vehicle, with the open boot containing STIHL cordless power tools

Health and safety while you work

STIHL attaches great importance to safety and protecting health while you work. We keep you informed about the most important protective measures and safety precautions so that you and your employees can work healthily and with peace of mind.

Stay protected from head to toe

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