Lawn mower tips

Lawn mowers are a popular tool for the use in the garden. With our tips you can keep it working in tip-top condition.  


A cut above

There’s nothing better for keeping your grass looking great than a top-performing lawn mower, and with our tips you’ll learn how to sharpen the blades so you can always be sure of a neat and tidy cut. We’ve also got some winter maintenance advice, whether you need to prepare your lawn mower for winter storage or if you have a ride-on mower, keep it working by adding a snow plough attachment.

A woman looking at the underside of a STIHL RMA 339C cordless lawn mower

How to clean a lawn mower

Once the growing season starts, your lawn mower is in almost constant use, meaning that the housing inevitably picks up dirt and clippings which remain stuck and eventually impede your work. Refer to our guide to find out how to clean your lawn mower for great results every time.
Cleaning your lawn mower
A woman wearing gloves folds down the handlebar of a lawn mower inside a tidy

Storing a lawn mower in winter

After its working season is over, your lawn mower has earned a rest over winter. We have all the advice you need to get it ready for storage so it’s in peak condition when you need it next year.
Getting your lawn mower ready for winter
Man clears snow in front of a wall on a snow plough ride-on mower

Snow plough attachment for a ride-on mower

If you have a ride-on lawn mower, you can make it useful across all seasons by adding a STIHL snow plough attachment. This transforms it into an valuable winter assistant.
The ride-on mower snow plough
A STIHL RM 443 T petrol lawn mower in a garden with a house in the background

How to sharpen a lawn mower blade

Make sure your lawn mower holds on to its cutting edge as a dull blade can cause disease in the lawn and a poor quality cut. Find out how and when to sharpen your blades with our useful guide.
How to sharpen lawn mower blades

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