Hedge trimmer tips and advice

A hedge is a natural screen, providing a habitat for wildlife and a vibrant living wall for your garden. It needs careful attention to stay looking its best, and the right tool makes a big difference – which is where the STIHL range of robust electric, petrol-driven and cordless hedge trimmers comes in. To deliver top performance over the long term, your hedge trimmer needs to be regularly maintained. We’ve complied the most useful hedge trimmer tips and advice you need in our guides, so you can keep your hedge trimmer in great condition.

Note: always wear appropriate personal protective equipment when working with a hedge trimmer.

A STIHL HSA 82 T petrol hedge trimmer on a lawn with someone spraying resin solvent onto the cutting attachment

How to clean your hedge trimmer

When you use your hedge trimmer it picks up sticky resin, dirt and leaf residue that can quickly impair the tool’s effectiveness. We show you how to clean your hedge trimmer properly after every use, and what you need to keep in mind.
Hedge trimmer tips: cleaning
A STIHL HS 82 T petrol-driven hedge trimmer on a brick wall, surrounded by trimmings at the foot of a stone staircase

Hedge trimmer maintenance

For your hedge trimmer to work at its best, it’s essential that you keep it clean, lubricated, and in good working order. Find out which tasks you can do yourself, and when we recommend turning to your STIHL dealer for advice and support.
Hedge trimmer tips: maintenance
Close-up of hedge trimmer blades and a stem that they have just cut through

Sharpening your hedge trimmer

Any blade that gets used will eventually get blunt. With a little time and patience, as well as our step-by-step instructions, you can sharpen your hedge trimmer blades at home – so your tool is always ready to get to work.
Hedge trimmer tips: sharpening the blades

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