How to make a DIY cracked log lamp

A decorative cracked log lamp makes an eye-catching stool or side table. Why not follow our DIY instructions to create your own?

A DIY cracked log lamp with slits for the light to shine through

DIY cracked log lamp: preparation 

This rustic design is great in the garden and makes an eye-catching home accessory. The cracked wood log lamp DIY project takes approximately one day.

A STIHL felling lever on a log lying on the ground

DIY cracked log lamp: What wood should I use?

  • Coniferous wood is ideal for this DIY log lamp because it’s soft and easy to carve.
  • Choose an older log that already has some cracks.
  • The log you choose should be straight, without any branches or forks.
  • Remove the bark before you begin your project.

Wood cracks naturally as it dries. These unique natural features create interesting patterns in your DIY wooden lamp, which you can exaggerate with your chainsaw. If your log doesn’t have any dry cracks, cut some light slits with your chainsaw after removing the log's core.

Protective equipment: designed to keep you safe

Always wear personal protective equipment when working with your chainsaw. This includes cut protection trousers, safety boots, safety glasses, a face shield, work gloves and a helmet if there is a risk of falling objects. You don't need to wear ear defenders with most cordless chainsaws, but you should check the operating manual for your product to find out if ear protection is recommended. Fully familiarise yourself with the tool before you use your chainsaw for the first time, and check it's in flawless condition before each use. On request, your STIHL dealer will be happy to prepare your tool for its first use, and will also advise you on models and sizes of protective clothing that you can try at your leisure. Please remember that personal protective equipment is no substitute for safe working techniques.

DIY cracked log lamp: materials


  • A log of your chosen size, with bark removed


  • STIHL chainsaw 
  • Metre ruler
  • Chalk and pencil
  • Angle grinder
  • Sawhorse

Light source

  • LED fairy lights suitable for outdoor use
DIY cracked log lamp: illustration of a log, sawhorse, STIHL chainsaw, metre rule, angle grinder, pencil, fairy lights
An pile of roughly chopped logs

Full DIY power

The right chainsaw for building your lamp

STIHL cordless chainsaws feature narrow chains and guide bars, making them ideal for this project. Cordless power tools are particularly quiet and emission-free during use. Use low-kickback saw chains, included as standard with the chainsaws that we recommend here.

DIY cracked log lamp: step-by-step instructions

With the preparation complete, it’s time to start making your DIY wooden log lamp.

Making the lamp stable: To make your DIY wooden log lamp more stable, saw a small channel into the base for the cable to run through. This makes it safer and lets your lamp can stand up straight.

Summary: make a DIY cracked log lamp

  • Select a suitable log and remove the bark.
  • Prepare your chainsaw and tools.
  • Always wear personal protective equipment as specified in the operating instructions for your tool.
  • Fasten your log to a sawhorse with a chain or tensioning belt.
  • Mark a square in the end face of your log.
  • Remove a pyramid-shaped piece from the log using your chainsaw.
  • Deepen the cracks to form light slits and make mitre cuts.
  • You can cut a small recess for the power supply if necessary.
  • Smooth the edges of the wood with an angle grinder or sandpaper and treat the wood with wax.
  • Place fairy lights inside the lamp, and enjoy!