STIHL connected: Digital fleet management

STIHL connected provides a detailed overview of your power tool fleet anytime and anywhere

Man at a laptop in a workshop, icons with STIHL products symbolise STIHL connected fleet management

STIHL connected: An overview of your machinery fleet at any time.

Get the best out of your power tools with STIHL connected and save time, resources and money.

  • Keep an overview of your equipment fleet and perform a stock take at the push of a button with the Smart Connector 2 A.

  • Receive power tool data automatically, reliably and securely. That means you can always know where your power tools are.

  • Being constantly up-to-date on the age, battery life and maintenance status of your power tools means less downtime.

System components and interaction

STIHL Smart Connectors record the operational time of your machines and transmits this information to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth®. From there, the data is transmitted to the STIHL Cloud and is then available for your use in the STIHL connected Portal and the STIHL connected App.

The operational time of each machine is synced with a customisable maintenance plan, meaning key tasks such as greasing and sharpening can be done exactly when required. 

STIHL connected is an intuitive way of smartly and efficiently organising your fleet management and everyday work.

A man in front of a green area with a STIHL HSA 94 cordless hedge trimmer

Smart Connector 2 A

The STIHL Smart Connector 2 A is specially adapted for selected AP System products. Reliable power tool data is provided by means of a connection to the control unit. The LED and the button facilitate interaction directly on the power tool itself.

Close-up: Person holding a STIHL Smart Connector in their hand

STIHL Smart Connector

As the basis for using all the functions related to STIHL connected, the STIHL Smart Connector transmits your power tool’s operational time to the STIHL connected App, making it easy for you to monitor your power tools. You can also connect the STIHL Smart Connector to machines from other manufacturers, managing mixed fleets with no problem at all.


A group of people in front of a hedge, with STIHL professional cordless products

The basis for efficient fleet and power tool management

All the benefits of the STIHL connected Portal and the App

 PortalPortal & App
Benefits of the STIHL connected Portal
(with smart devices)

Maintenance management

  • You can easily activate and deactivate maintenance messages

  • Various maintenance notifications are available for you

  • A new function allows you to benefit from individually selectable notifications, for instance relating to inspections, replacement recommendations and cleaning tasks

Lifecycle events including history

  • Divided into currently due or upcoming events, such as maintenance appointments, including a history in the form of an overview of previous maintenance, repairs and error messages

Optimised product status

  • When changing the status you can append details such as a title, note and image to add more information to an event (repair, etc.).
Benefits in combination with the Smart Connector 2 A

Optimised runtime history with date selection

  • Keep track of runtime based on a real-time clock

  • You can check the runtime for an individually selected time period

Speed histogram

  • To help you optimise the use of a power tool and thereby maximise battery life for example, you can always maintain an overview of the speed range in which the machine is used.
  • Get general information on usage habits for fleet managers

Optimised runtime today

  • You can access this directly on the app and portal as “Runtime today” – always updated to the day and clearly presented

  • In the runtime history, click a specific day to retrospectively view past daily runtimes for your power tool

  • This enables you to see how much was work was performed on a particular day


Lifecycle events

  • The Smart Connector 2 A detects and notifies you of due maintenance and faults that require repair

Automated product status

  • The Smart Connector 2 A is an intelligent product that simplifies many aspects of your work: it detects your machine’s status, considers this on your behalf, and automatically sets a product status


STIHL connected: Digital fleet management

How to set up STIHL connected

A group of gardeners and landscapers with STIHL power tools stand on a paved path

Logging in and getting started

Complete a one-time registration for STIHL connected and all the functions of the Portal and the STIHL connected App will be available for you to use.


Summary: STIHL connected

  • STIHL connected digitalises your fleet management and makes it more efficient by providing you with a complete overview and full clarity over your own power tool fleet.
  • The STIHL Smart Connector 2 A is compatible with a select number of STIHL professional cordless products such as the FSA 135 and HLA 135.

  • Machines send power tool data automatically, locations are documented, and stocktaking is performed at the push of a button. This allows you to focus on other projects.

  • Determining the right fleet size for you by means a fact-based approach, reducing downtime, and avoiding power tool loss means you can work more efficiently and save money. 

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