Outdoor care and maintenance in your garden

Outdoor expertise

We know how to make the best of your green space; our expert care and garden maintenance tips will provide all you need for a smart and healthy garden.

Purple perennial flowers with a garden shed with an awning in the background

Garden planning and design

Creating a garden requires careful planning, as different situations and plants have specific needs at each point during the year. Gardening enthusiasts and newcomers alike will find the guides here helpful.
Garden planning and design
A STIHL iMOW® robot lawn mower on a neat green lawn bordered by plants and shrubs

Lawn care guides

Whatever the season, there’s always a garden job to do. Your lawn in particular needs a lot of love and careful maintenance to look its best. Learn all about how to care for your lawn, the tools you need and the tips that can encourage your lawn to grow healthily.
Lawn care
A woman wearing eye protection and gloves stands behind a green hedge, trimming it with a hedge trimmer

Hedge maintenance and care

To make your garden a secluded, private retreat you’ll want to enclose it with some handsome hedging. Our guide to hedge trimming tells you everything you need to know about how to trim correctly, the essential tools and day-to-day hedge maintenance.
Hedge trimming
Close-up of a thin tree branch being cut with secateurs by a smiling woman

Tree care and maintenance

With the correct tree care you can ensure that the trees in your garden are healthy and produce a rich harvest. We explain which tools will help you and which special features need to be considered when pruning fruit trees.
Tree care
A compost heap and wheelbarrow in a shady corner of a garden

Garden waste disposal

Gardening always produces waste that needs to be disposed of. But where should you put hedge trimmings, lawn clippings and old leaves? We have created a useful guide to getting rid of your garden waste easily.
Garden waste disposal
Close-up of a onion in a bed

Garden bed care

Our garden bed maintenance guide tells you how to keep your vegetable patches, perennial beds and raised beds at their most productive, as well as the best way of preparing the beds for winter.
Garden bed care