Working safely takes priority

STIHL understands that good work always means safe working conditions. We’ve brought together all the key information on this crucial topic.

Ear protection at work and at home

Ear protection at work and at home

Power tools are often associated with high noise levels, but the right ear protection can prevent your hearing from being affected in the long term. Find out everything you need to know about ear protection types in this article.
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A forestry worker in STIHL protective clothing, sawing wood in the forest with a STIHL chainsaw

Chainsaw protection classes

The right clothing offers you reliable cut protection and ensures a reduced risk of accidents during professional or domestic work with chainsaws. Read more about our cut protection categories.
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Three forestry workers wearing personal protective equipment in front of a wood billet in the forest.


Important safety information and guidelines can also be found on our Service pages. Here you will find all the key details on the storage and disposal of special fuels, how to transport STIHL battery packs, and other information and notices.
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