How-to guide: garden bed care

A raised planter box made from wooden planks, in a garden in front of a house

Filling and planting a raised bed

If you want your plants to thrive and grow in a raised garden bed, there are a few things you need to bear in mind. Our guide will explain what’s important when filling your raised bed and give you suggestions on how to plant and care for it correctly.
Planting a raised bed
A person using a rake to level soil in a garden bed

Winter preparation of garden beds

As the days get shorter, it is time to get your garden beds ready for winter. Our guide will show you how to winterproof your garden so you can start the new gardening season worry-free in the spring.
Winter preparation of garden beds
Close-up of a vegetable patch in a garden in front of a blue house

Creating and designing a plant bed

A plant bed enriches any garden, and every bed is different. From vegetable patches to perennial beds, we will give you useful instructions and practical tips for creating, designing and planting the perfect garden bed.
How to design a plant bed

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