Tree care and maintenance

All about tree care

Proper tree care keeps your trees in good health and helps to maintain its shape. Fruit trees also need special care for an abundant harvest.

A successful tree care routine keeps your tree in strong, healthy condition and helps prevent disease and pests. Tree maintenance does not need to be complicated: with the right tools and some information about your tree, you can quickly put together a suitable plan for care and maintenance.

Tree care tips

If you have a tree or two in your garden, they are probably the biggest and most prominent features so you want to take good care of it. When you plan any landscaping and horticultural work, you should take it into account, making sure you address the tree’s specific care needs. Here are a few quick tips:

  • When trimming or pruning, always make sure you cut using a sharp tool, cutting close to an outward-facing bud. If you’re removing a whole branch, cut close to the trunk.
  • Think about which growth phase the tree is in. Whether you have a young, established, or older tree will determine the specific care you need to give it.
  • Using the right tool makes your work easier and more efficient.

With regular care, your trees will be beautiful for many years.

Tree care tools

A chainsaw is one of the most important tools for tree care.

An arborist attached to a harness, working high up in a tree with a STIHL MS 150 chainsaw

Arborist saws – professional tree care tools

Our arborist saws are easy to use and extremely lightweight, which will make it much easier for you to work on trees at height. Featuring a low-vibration engine, STIHL arborist saws are the ideal solution for work at treetop-level, where you need good cutting performance while having a restricted range of movement. These special saws are designed for use only by tree care professionals and qualified users.

Close-up of a STIHL GTA 26 garden pruner being used to cut through a branch

Garden pruner – for versatile tree care

Our new GTA 26 garden pruner is the perfect, versatile tool for smaller tree care jobs cutting through branches up to 8 cm in diameter. As well as being a handy helper when pruning trees and shrubs, its excellent cutting performance means it can even be used for DIY building projects with wood.

Close-up of bypass secateurs being used to trim growth from a branch

Pruning shears and secateurs – a must for routine tree care

Pruning shears and secateurs are perfect for manual maintenance and everyday tree care, such as trimming spent blossom or pruning awkward new growth. It’s important to use a high-quality, sharp tool to ensure a clean cut; this means the tree can heal more quickly and is less likely to become infected or weakened.

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