Battery care and maintenance

Everything you need to know about lithium-ion batteries: charging, storage and more

A STIHL AK Series lithium-ion battery being charged alongside gloves

All about charging a lithium-ion battery

Here we address concerns such as over heating and over charging, and explain the many benefits of charging a STIHL lithium ion battery.
How to charge batteries
A lithium-ion battery and charger on a shelf

Proper lithium-ion battery storage

Learn the right way to store your tool batteries, care tips to remember when storing and using cordless power tools, and much more. We’ve also got advice on the right maintenance to preserve your battery’s service life.
How to store batteries
Close-up of the battery in a STIHL BGA 57 cordless blower

Memory effect in batteries

The battery memory effect is much feared, but as it’s only relevant to outdated technologies, it’s also easy to avoid. Find out why you can rely on STIHL lithium-ion batteries.
The memory effect

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