Outdoor cleaning

Spick and span, outdoors as well as in: find out how to clean terraces, facades and paths. Whether you are starting your outdoor spring cleaning or just want to tidy up your garden, we’ve got tips on cleaning furniture, as well an explanation about why it’s important to clean your gutters and drain pipes regularly.

Woman with protective goggles is cleaning her garden furniture on the terrace with the STIHL RE 88 high-pressure cleaner

Cleaning garden furniture

How often should you clean your furniture, which household detergents are suitable for which surfaces, and when can a high-pressure cleaner be used? Here you will find everything you need to know about appropriate care of your wooden, plastic or metal garden furniture!
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STIHL wheel cleaner, vehicle shampoo and brush on the ground in front of a white garage and a STIHL high-pressure washer

Exterior house cleaning

Explore our guides to find out how to effectively clean your outdoor spaces - patios, paths and facades. We also explain just why it’s important to keep your downpipes and gutters clear, and how to tackle the job. Before long, all your outdoor spaces will be clean and fresh.
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A man and young boy sit on the truck bed of a pick-up, with a STIHL RE 130 plus high-pressure cleaner beside the vehicle

Cleaning vehicles

Whether you travel on two wheels or four, with an engine or under your own steam, we show you how to use a high-pressure cleaner to thoroughly clean your vehicle. With our advice, you can take care of your car, motorbike or bicycle and get it gleaming like new.
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