Cleaning garden furniture with STIHL

The gardening season is here so now it’s time to clean your garden furniture. Find out how to effectively clean your garden chairs and garden tables, whether they are wooden, metal or rattan.

Clean garden furniture and maintain its shine

Why should you clean your garden furniture regularly? Quite simply, it is left outside and exposed to the elements for several months a year, which will inevitably leave a mark. Of course, factors such as the quality, structure and material of your garden furniture will play an important role in how weathered it becomes, but regular cleaning and care is always essential. 

For easy, frequent care, we recommend wiping the furniture down with a soft cloth from time to time. This will remove dust and other impurities that can damage the furniture surface if they remain on it for too long. However, a thorough annual cleaning of your garden furniture should be a firm part of your gardening calendar. We will show you the differences to bear in mind when it comes to cleaning garden furniture made of wood, metal and rattan.

A woman using a STIHL RE 130 Plus high-pressure cleaner to clean a wooden garden chair on a patio

How to clean wooden garden furniture

Cleaning wooden garden furniture is not difficult, but should be done with care. After all, wood is an organic material that requires particularly careful cleaning. You can find out how to do this thoroughly and gently in our article.
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A woman cleaning a polyrattan garden armchair on a patio with STIHL RE 130 Plus high-pressure cleaner

How to clean rattan furniture

Cleaning garden furniture made of rattan and polyrattan is a bit of a challenge. Particles of dirt often get stuck in the braided structure. However, you should take care to clean it gently. We explain in detail how to do this in our handy guide.
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A woman using the STIHL RE 130 Plus high-pressure cleaner on a metal chair on a patio in a garden

How to clean metal garden furniture

Cleaning metal garden furniture couldn’t be easier. However, there are different materials and coatings on metal garden furniture which also differ in terms of cleaning requirements. Our article will tell you what to consider.
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Make your furniture shine!

Cleaning garden furniture is a job best done with a pressure washer, useful accessories and the right cleaning agents.

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