Accessories for hedge trimmers & long-reach hedge trimmers


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AK 10 battery
AK 10 batteryAK System batteries & chargers
Lightweight lithium-ion battery
Protective foot for HTA 50 and HLA 56
Protective foot for HLA 56 and HTA 50AK System accessories
Protects the battery from contact with the ground
AL 301-4 Multiple battery charger
AL 301-4 Multiple battery chargerAP System batteries & chargers
Multiple battery charger for the STIHL AP system
HS Care and Clean kit PLUS
HS Care & Clean Kit PLUSCleaning agents & lubricants
Maintenance for STIHL hedge trimmers and long-reach hedge trimmers
Function slim klar
FUNCTION SLIM GlassesSafety glasses
Scratch-resistant plastic protects the glasses
Dynamic Vent
DYNAMIC VentWork gloves
Very lightweight and breathable
AP Rucksack
AP carrying systemAP System accessories
Cordless carrying system with a wide range of uses
AP holster
AP holster with connecting cableAP System accessories
Can be combined with the carrying system and the battery belt with harness
Bag for battery belt
Accessory bag for battery beltAP System accessories
For easy transport of extra batteries or other accessories
Grease gun
Grease gunCleaning agents & lubricants
Practical aid for applying lubricants to chainsaws
Service Kit 34
Service Kit 34Service Kits
For STIHL HS 82 and HS 87 petrol hedge trimmers
Shapening stone and whetsone
Sharpening stone and whetstoneAxes, hammers & forestry accessories
For regular and professional attachment maintenance
AS 2
AS 2 BatteryAS System batteries & chargers
Powerful 10.8 V battery
Cover for AK battery slotAK System accessories
Protects cordless shaft against dust and dirt
HLA shaft extension
HLA shaft extensionAK System accessories
Shaft extension for the HLA 56 cordless long-reach hedge trimmer
Battery belt with harness
AP battery belt with harnessAP System accessories
Hardwearing and ergonomically shaped belt with comfortable harness
Adapter AP
AP adapterAP System accessories
Power supplied via the AP holster with connecting cable
Weight kits for AP adapter
Weight kits for AP adapterAP System accessories
Improves the power tool balance
Protective foot
Protective footAP System accessories
Foot to protect the battery from contact with the ground
Standfuß HTA 135 und HLA 135
Protective foot - 135 toolsAP System accessories
For HTA 135 and HLA 135
Carry bag HLA
Carry bagAP System accessories
Lightweight durable bag
Battery cover
Cover for AP battery slotAP System accessories
Protects cordless shaft against dust and dirt
Catcher plater
Catcher plate for cutter bladesAP System accessories
Suitable for HSA 50, HSA 60, HSA 100, all HSE and all HLA
Tip protector - hedge trimmers
Tip protector - hedge trimmersHedge Trimmer Accessories
Suitable for HS 82 R and HSA 94 R
Tip protector - long-reach hedge trimmers
Tip protector - long-reach hedge trimmersHedge Trimmer Accessories
Stainless steel safety device for cutting tools
Catcher plate for cutter blades
Catcher plate for cutter bladesHedge Trimmer Accessories
Suitable for HS 86 R and HS 87 R
Blade position adjustment kit
Blade position adjustment kitHedge Trimmer Accessories
Conversion kits for adjusting the blade position
Bracket for telescopic shaft
Quick release bracket for telescopic shaft harnessHedge Trimmer Accessories
Outstanding ergonomics with a basic shoulder strap or the RTS harness
Super harness for long reach hedge trimmers
RTS HarnessHedge Trimmer Accessories
Non-fatiguing, ergonomic working even during very extended use
Fuel mix ratio (1:50) suitable for all STIHL 2-stroke engines
HP oil 1l
HP 2-stroke engine oilEngine oils & chain lubricants
Special engine oil for STIHL two-stroke engines
£2.20Price per 100 ml £2.20
HP Super 2-stroke engine oil
HP Super 2-stroke engine oilEngine oils & chain lubricants
Two-stroke engine oils with outstanding lubrication
£2.80Price per 100 ml £2.80
HP Ultra
HP Ultra 2-stroke engine oilEngine oils & chain lubricants
Excellent fully synthetic two-stroke engine oils
£26.10Price per 100 ml £2.61
SupercleanCleaning agents & lubricants
Loosens resin and dirt
MultisprayCleaning agents & lubricants
For all machines and tools
£16.10Price per ml £0.04
Multi-lubeCleaning agents & lubricants
Gear grease for hedge trimmers
£9.60Price per g £0.12
HS MULTIPROTECT protective trousersTrousers
For demanding private users and professionals
CONCEPT 28 ear protectors
Ear protectors CONCEPT 28Face and ear protection
Sturdy ear protection set for safe working in very noisy environments
Dynamic BT
Bluetooth ear protectors - headband versionFace and ear protection
Bluetooth ear protectors for safe working in very noisy environments
STANDARD safety glasses
STANDARD Glasses - ClearSafety glasses
Safety glasses made of clear plastic glass without coating
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