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Recalls of STIHL products

STIHL Kundin gibt ein STIHL Gerät in einem STIHL Fachhandel in den Service.

As a responsible manufacturer, every now and then STIHL has to decide to issue a recall for certain products. Full details of any current recalls can be found here. 

Warning about multi-part metal attachments

Multi-part metal attachement

Multi-part metal cutting attachments constitute an unauthorized modification of the STIHL product. Therefore, they are not to be used under any circumstances on a STIHL brushcutter.


A person using a STIHL GTA 26 to cut off a branch.

There are currently a number of websites and advertisements from bogus providers in circulation, which claim to be selling the STIHL GTA 26 garden pruner at low prices between $24 and $49. These fraudsters give the impression of being directly linked to STIHL. For example, they use official STIHL image material or URLs with STIHL references. However, anyone taken in by these offers will not receive a STIHL product after payment.


STIHL employees checking the quality of a STIHL leaf blower.

STIHL products are renowned for their strict quality and safety standards – but imitations and copies are not. We tell you how to protect yourself against the potential dangers of counterfeit products.

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E10 Compatibility

The fuel tank of a STIHL chainsaw being topped up with fuel using the filling system.

Want to know whether your STIHL or VIKING product is compatible with E10 fuel? The information you need is here.

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