How to guide: Cleaning vehicles

A clean vehicle is always a satisfying sight! Our guides are full of tips for effective vehicle cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner, so you can get the job done quickly whatever state your wheels are in. You’ll even find information about some really useful pressure washer accessories and the right detergent, so you can achieve a gleaming result every time.


A man standing on the truck bed of a pick-up, cleaning the vehicle with a pressure washer

Wash a car

It's easy for your car to lose its shine quickly, especially if you drive it regularly. But with a pressure washer, it's easy to get it looking like new again! Check out our advice on car cleaning with a pressure washer.
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A man using a STIHL RE 130 Plus high-pressure cleaner to wash a white motorcycle on a home driveway.

Pressure wash a motorbike

Your two-wheeled powerhouse will surely be grateful for a thorough clean – make it count by doing it right. Our guide explains how to clean your motorbike in a few simple steps, including how to tackle stubborn dirt and how best to use a pressure washer.
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A man cleaning his bike with a STIHL RE 130 plus pressure washer

clean your bicycle

Whether it’s for your daily commute or your weekend recreation, your bike goes through a lot, and careful cleaning is a key factor of bicycle maintenance. We tell you how to clean your bicycle and its chain correctly with a pressure washer.
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