Lawn care guides

Maintenance tips for a flawless green lawn

A beautiful lawn is the pride and joy of many home gardeners. Our lawn care guides contain great advice for year-round maintenance.

Lawn care calendar: your year-round maintenance guide

The amount of watering, feeding and other treatment your grass needs varies depending on the time of year. That’s why we have put together an individual lawn care guide for each season, so you can be sure you’re following the best advice at the right time.

When should I start my lawn care routine?

Active lawn maintenance should begin every year from around mid-February to the end of March – when there’s no further chance of frost and temperatures have stabilised around 10°C. That’s when you can start regular mowing, fertilising and scarifying.

Close-up of green blades of grass in sunshine.

How to lay a lawn

Creating a new lawn in your garden is not a challenging task. All you need is high-quality grass seed or turf and a bit of care and patience! Our guide talks you through the process and even includes tips for choosing the right type of lawn.
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Woman spreads fertiliser in her garden

How to fertilise your lawn

Regular mowing quickly depletes the nutrients in your grass, so careful treatment is a must for lawn maintenance. We have some advice for how and when to fertilise your lawn so it stays healthy and happy.
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A woman mows a lawn with the STIHL 339 C cordless lawn mower, with a fence and trees in the background

How to mow your lawn

Mowing isn’t just about grooming your lawn; using the right approach will also promote dense, healthy growth for years of happy gardening. We tell you when to do it, how short to cut your grass, and we’ve even included some lawn mower tips as well.
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Man scarifies green lawn with a STIHL RLA 240

How to scarify a lawn

Scarifying can regenerate old or neglected grassy spaces, and is a worthwhile lawn care treatment to apply every year or two. By removing dead thatch and clearing the soil, the process promotes new growth and discourages disease. Our guide tells you what you need to know.
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A woman using a STIHL RM 2 R petrol mulching mower on a lawn bordered with bushes and grasses

What is mulching and mulch mowing?

Mulching is the use of plant cuttings and other garden waste on the surface of soil to protect plants and eventually feed nutrients back to the earth. Mulch mowing uses the principle to mow, mulch and feed your lawn in a single step – for easy lawn care and fantastic results.
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Grass at the base of a tree being trimmed with a STIHL FS 57 cordless clearing saw

All about lawn-edge trimming

You use a mower for the most part, but lawn edges are best cut afterwards using a grass trimmer. Our tips will give you the edge you want.
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Close-up of grass with dew on it

How to identify and treat lawn problems

Even a well-maintained lawn can develop diseases and problems. We explain common lawn problems such as brown spots, fungi, snow mould and moss, and offer advice on appropriate treatment and care so you can get your lawn back into good condition in no time.
Lawn problems
A garden with a patchy lawn and mature trees and shrubs

Repair and revive a damaged lawn

Bald patches, holes and discolouration are the bane of any proud gardener’s life and should be treated as soon as they appear. Find out everything you need to know about the various causes of an ailing lawn, including how to remedy them with the right care.
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To renew the lawn, a woman scrapes weeds out of the ground with a rake.

Lawn renovation tips to renew your grass

Tired of scruffy looking grass and thinking about a lawn renovation? Dry, brown and full of weeds? If your lawn no longer looks good, you can do something about it. We will show you how to improve it.
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