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We want to get to know our customers, understand what made you choose a STIHL tool and hear about your experience of buying a STIHL tool. As a thank you for your feedback, we will send you a STIHL cap for any purchase up to 90 days ago.

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To find out more about our STIHL products, you can view the user manuals, STIHL 2023 catalogue – which can be downloaded – and our FAQs here.

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We have compiled all the relevant customer information, safety guidelines and standards for you.

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The pinnacle of competitive lumberjacking: TIMBERSPORTS® series

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Find out everything you need to know about STIHL on the following pages. Learn about our long history of innovations and our vision for the future. Discover exciting facts and figures about our family business, and explore careers at STIHL.

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