DIY wood projects: garden ornaments

Homemade garden ornaments have a unique charm, and it’s so satisfying to work with wood. We’ve put together instructions for a range of projects.

Wooden decorations add personality to your garden

Embarking on a project to make something from wood is so exciting, and our instructions make these brilliant garden projects simple and fun. Whether you go for decorative ornaments or something more functional, such as a raised bed or planter, you can be sure you are adding character to your garden. We show you how easy it can be to introduce some beautiful real wood to your garden and show off your skills with a one-of-a-kind DIY piece.

From logs to lovely

When it comes to wood, logs are the most rustic form you can find, and they lend themselves brilliantly to being used in the garden. Always unique, you can use logs to make items that are both functional and beautiful.

Wooden garden shapes

Once you know how to carve shapes from wood, the possibilities for eye-catching DIY garden ornaments are endless. The technique requires a bit of practice but you’ll soon be able to create simple shapes with ease.

A woman wearing protective equipment carving a wooden owl with a chainsaw

The art of chainsaw carving

Chainsaw carving is an amazing way of transforming plain wood into elaborate ornaments. Using a carving saw, you can create fantastic shapes – everything from hearts to owls! Find out which types of wood and tools are suitable for chainsaw carving, along with safety considerations.
Chainsaw carving
A finished DIY carved-wood heart sculpture surrounded by wood shavings

How to make a wood heart

Whether it’s for yourself or a gift, a handmade heart carved from wood makes a statement. Our step-by-step instructions tell you how to turn a log into this simple ornament. This makes an ideal DIY project for beginner chainsaw carvers.
Wooden heart
A carved wooden owl standing on a post.

Chainsaw carving an owl

Carving an owl from wood is not as hard as you might think, and the results are striking. Find out what materials are suitable and follow our step-by-step instructions to make an impressive garden ornament.
Wooden owl
Painted DIY wooden pumpkin decorations made from logs outside a house

DIY wooden Halloween pumpkin decoration

Do you want to decorate your garden to match the Halloween festivities or simply celebrate the autumnal atmosphere? Follow our instructions to carve decorative pumpkins easily with a chainsaw.
Make your own pumpkin out of wood

Christmas garden ornaments

Decorations at Christmas are a great way to spread cheer, and why overlook the garden in your festive styling? Seasonal DIY garden ornaments made from wood are sure to look magical and generate a little joy for anyone who sees them. Whether you opt for a simple star or a fancy reindeer, our instructions give you a good reason to get your tools out.

Collage: DIY wooden stars in front of a brick wall and stars on a stick in front of a house

How to make a DIY wooden star

With a chainsaw and some wood you can create this simple star in no time. Treat yourself and your loved ones for Christmas and saw a simple ornament for the front door or garden.
DIY wooden star
Four DIY wooden candlesticks standing on a path beside a fir tree

How to make wooden candlesticks

Advent candles are a must at Christmas time. Let this tradition appear in a new light and create the perfect Christmas decoration for your garden with these four candles made of wood.
Make your own candlesticks from wood
DIY log reindeer in front of green grass and shed

How to make a wooden reindeer from logs

It’s impossible not to love this charming reindeer. Made from logs and branches, you just need to be a bit clever with your chainsaw and he’ll quickly emerge. You can find all of the instructions here, including tips for a cool reindeer outfit. Medium effort but maximum impact.
Wooden reindeer
Man wearing a hat and winter coat pulls a Christmas tree along snow-covered ground, with a view of forest behind him

Cut your own Christmas tree

A Christmas tree is even more special if you cut it yourself – though you can’t just head to the woods to find it. Nonetheless, you can still be a real woodsman once a year, at a Christmas tree farm. We’ve put together all the information you need.
Cut your own Christmas tree

Not just ornamental: wood projects for wildlife

Our gardens are more than just a place for us people to relax; they can also be a fantastic habitat for many different animals. Birds in particular should find food and room to nest in our gardens. We’ve created some wood projects that help you support your local wildlife.

A DIY wooden bird box hangs on a tree among green leaves

How to make a DIY nesting box for garden birds

Cavity-nesting birds often struggle to find suitable homes in populated areas, and a homemade nest box can help. Here you can find details about which breeds prefer which nesting places and how you can easily build a nest box yourself.
Build a nest box

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