STIHL technology

STIHL is renowned all over the world for its innovation, technological advancements and market leading product development. Read more by following the links below. 

Close-up of a STIHL MS 261 C-M petrol chainsaw being started

Features for easy engine starting

Starting up your power tools can be strenuous work which causes fatigue and strain before you even start working. STIHL ErgoStart, ElastoStart and M-Tronic ignition systems significantly simplify the start-up process – and your joints will appreciate the difference.
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A STIHL FS 311 petrol clearing saw on grass being started

STIHL engine technology

STIHL offers more than just petrol, electric or cordless tools to suit your needs. Many of our tools feature STIHL engine technology developments such as fuel injection, a carburettor heater and other features that will make your work much easier.
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A man wearing protective equipment in the forest, with a STIHL MS 261 C-M petrol chainsaw with Light 04 guide bar in the foreground

STIHL chainsaw chains and guide bars

You can find saw chains and guide bars for every purpose at STIHL. All of our chains are produced in Switzerland using special machines that we have developed ourselves, so we can guarantee they meet the very highest demands.
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Man looking at a laptop in a workshop. Next to it a STIHL chainsaw.

STIHL digital solutions

Bring your outdoor work into the 21st century with our sophisticated solutions. With the STIHL connected digital environment you can coordinate your work processes efficiently, while the iMOW® robot lawn mower automatically deals with routine lawn care.
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A STIHL battery and charger

STIHL battery technology

Cordless power tools are practical in domestic and professional situations. STIHL batteries offer a long service life and are extremely powerful, making them the ideal power source for any job.
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A man on a building site working with a STIHL TS 500i cut-off machine

STIHL cutting wheels: precise, versatile and long lasting

Having the right cut-off discs makes all the difference when using cut-off machines to work with the hardest materials. STIHL cutting discs can be divided into two main categories: abrasive cutting wheels and diamond cutting wheels.
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Two men in research and development sit in a laboratory at a desk with several monitors and examine part of a product

Research and development

We implement and develop extensive testing procedures to ensure that you can depend on our products. Take a look behind the scenes and learn all about new product development and quality assurance at STIHL.
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A STIHL iMOW® robot mower in a garden

Smart lawn care with ¡MOW® robotic lawn mowers

The STIHL iMOW® robotic lawn mower is the effortless way to a perfect lawn. It mows everything from small to large lawns fully automatically, quickly and conveniently.
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