Grass trimmer care and usage tips

A man wearing appropriate protective clothing working in long grass with a STIHL FS 240 petrol grass trimmer

Grass trimmer safety

Safety always takes priority. Find out what you need to consider to keep people and property safe when working with your grass trimmer or brushcutter.
safe working
A man filling the fuel tank of a STIHL grass trimmer from a large bottle with shrubs behind him

The right fuel mixture for your grass trimmer

Using the right mixture of petrol and oil is crucial to making sure your grass trimmer works properly and is not damaged. Our advice tells you everything you need to know.
the right fuel mixture
A garage interior with a wide range of STIHL products including an FSA 56 cordless grass trimmer.

Grass trimmer storage

Alongside maintenance and care, proper storage is also important in keeping your grass trimmer or brushcutter in good condition. Our guide takes you through the main steps of preparation and storage, so your tool will be ready to work when you need it.
how to store it
A man mowing flower meadow with FSA 57

How to use a grass trimmer

For successful and efficient grass trimming, it’s well worth brushing up on the right technique. With the help of our video guides, you can learn the right way to hold your tool, and how to work on a variety of terrain types.
how to use it
A person wearing ear and face protection starting a STIHL FS 56 R petrol grass trimmer on a garden lawn

How to start a STIHL grass trimmer

The start-up sequence varies across different STIHL models of grass trimmer. We’ve put together step-by-step instructions for starting your grass trimmer, with video guides to make it clear.
starting your STIHL grass trimmer
A STIHL FS 240 brushcutter lies on the ground in a yard, with play equipment and a person approaching in the background

Grass trimmer maintenance

Regular care is key to your tool giving many years of service. Our guide takes you through the most important maintenance procedures – what’s required and how to do it.
maintenance advice
A woman sitting on a garden step, holding a STIHL face visor with ear defenders, with a grass trimmer laying nearby

Grass trimmer PPE

Safety from head to toe with helmets, safety shoes, hand and leg protection: we tell you what personal protective equipment you need when working with your grass trimmer.
Grass trimmer PPE
A grass trimmer being held upside down as someone wearing gloves inspects the metal cutting tool

Replacing grass trimmer heads and blades

Whether it has a metal tool or mowing line, your grass trimmer cutting tool will need to be changed regularly for best performance. We tell you how, with video guides included.
changing the cutting tool
Close-up of a mowing line being wound onto a STIHL FSA 57 cordless grass trimmer

How to replace trimmer line

We tell you how to find the right mowing line for your needs, and how to wind the mowing line onto a STIHL mowing head – so you’re ready to tackle even the most challenging of grass trimmer jobs.
winding the mowing line

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