STIHL research and development: delivering premium tools

The extensive STIHL Research and Development team focus on delivering innovation and quality in every STIHL product. Find out more about our testing processes here.

Two men sit in a laboratory at a desk with several monitors and examine part of a new product

How we deliver quality at STIHL

Our product range is as diverse as the work sites our tools are destined for so it takes a full spectrum of checks and development measures to guarantee our famous STIHL quality, whether in our innovative garden tools or our professional forestry equipment. Here's an insight into how we harness innovation in STIHL technology and use our research and development to deliver tools that help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Testing and innovation at STIHL

System weight at STIHL

For professional users, every gram of weight counts. That is why STIHL invests a significant amount of time and engineering know-how to reduce the system weight of our tools, i.e. the weight of the unfueled chainsaw including cutting assembly. This has resulted in significant weight savings thanks to slimmer sprocket covers, redesigned cylinders, consistent material changes for other components and the development of lightweight rails – without, of course, compromising on power and durability. The result: a lower system weight and easier handling. 

Working in the rain with professional battery products 

All battery-powered tools within the STIHL AP system are designed for professional users and for daily use even under adverse weather conditions. For this reason, they are equipped with tested splash water protection. Their effectiveness is proven by demanding internal tests. The splash water test is based on the IPX4 standard, among other things. 

Summary: STIHL research and development

  • STIHL R&D ensures that the components of our tools are perfectly attuned to each other and therefore offer optimal performance
  • STIHL quality is ensured with a wide range of testing techniques

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