How to make a wood heart

What better way to show you care than by giving someone your heart? A wooden heart says it all and looks great; follow our DIY instructions to make your own.

A finished DIY carved-wood heart sculpture surrounded by wood shavings

Different ways to make a DIY woodEN heart

There are two ways you can make a rustic wooden heart with your chainsaw. First, we’ll show you how to carve a standing wooden heart sculpture for the garden using a chainsaw with carving attachment. Then you’ll learn how to cut flat heart shapes from the cross-section of a tree trunk. Whichever way you go, something homemade and heartfelt will be a winner.

The right wood for your carved WOODEN heart

It’s important to choose the right type of wood before you start chainsaw carving a sculpture. If your heart of wood is destined for the garden, you will need to use weather-resistant wood to ensure your handmade ornament will last outside for years, no matter what the weather. You should also choose a wood that isn’t too fibrous; otherwise, it will be much trickier to carve. Oak tree trunks are ideal and extremely durable, while softwoods like pine and spruce are less suitable for carving as they weather relatively quickly. If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to oak, robinia is a good option.

Make a heart out of wood: materials and tools

  • A log (at least 20 cm diameter)
  • Chainsaw with carving attachment (a STIHL MS 170 chainsaw is a great option)
  • Tensioning belt
  • Chalk/pencil for marking
  • Sawhorse (for the heart slices)
Illustration: Logs, STIHL chainsaw, folding rule, tension belt, heart template, saw block, pencil

How to make a garden heart ornament out of wood: step-by-step instructions

Make flat heart slices out of wood: step-by-step instructions

A person in STIHL protective clothing holding a flat heart carved from wood

How to make a wood Heart: finishing touches

Sand your homemade wooden heart with sandpaper to smooth the wood. It’s a good idea to treat your heart with hard wax oil to make it more durable. Whether you’re making it as a gift or a decoration for your own garden, carving a heart out of wood is a fun DIY project that always spreads joy.

Summary: how to make a wood heart

  • There are two ways to make a heart out of wood: you can either carve an upright sculpture, or slice hearts from a carved log.
  • The wood you use needs to be easy to shape and weather-resistant.
  • You can make a standing ornamental heart on a log base.
  • Alternatively, you can shape the length of a log and cut multiple heart-shaped slices from it.
  • We recommend you treat the wood with hard wax oil.