How to make DIY wooden candlesticks

Got a chainsaw and 20 minutes to spare? Whip up some festive outdoor magic with these DIY wooden Christmas candlestick decorations.

Four DIY wooden candlesticks standing on a path beside a fir tree

Christmas candles: enjoy the warm glow of traditional decorations

We love making the home a cosy space during the Christmas period, with warm cinnamon aromas and a dazzling Christmas tree creating a snug atmosphere and a comforting haven from the world. The glow of an Advent candle adds a special touch. Why not spread some of that festive ambience outdoors too? DIY outdoor Christmas decorations are a great way to celebrate the season and share some magic with anyone who passes by.

We’ve put together instructions to make a simple and striking set of rustic wooden candlesticks as a charming and long-lasting alternative to the usual outdoor Christmas decorations. The best thing is that it's a simple design and you only need a couple of different items: to make your own wooden candlesticks, you’ll need just four logs and a chainsaw.

DIY wooden candlesticks: materials and tools

Select four logs of different lengths (around 15-20 cm in diameter) and choose whatever type of wood you like: any softwood or hardwood will work, though soft coniferous timber is easier to saw than hardwood.

A STIHL MSA 140 C chainsaw and protective gloves on a tree stump with other logs nearby

The right chainsaw

To make crafting your outdoor wooden Christmas decorations fast and fun, you need the right power tool. STIHL offers a range of compact chainsaws for DIY projects. 

Committed to your safety: protective equipment

Don't forget that you should always wear your personal protective equipment when working with your chainsaw. This includes a cut protection trousers, safety boots, safety glasses, a face shield, gloves and a helmet if there is a risk of falling objects. You will also need ear protection if the noise of your chainsaw is above a certain level, although most of our cordless chainsaws are quiet enough that you don't need ear defenders. More details are available in the instruction manuals for your product.

Before using your chainsaw for the first time, fully familiarise yourself with the power tool and ensure it is in flawless condition before each use. On request, your STIHL dealer will be happy to prepare your power tool for its first job, and will also advise you on models and sizes of protective clothing that you can try on at your leisure. Please remember that personal protective equipment is no substitute for safe working techniques.

How to make your DIY wooden Christmas candlesticks

Let’s get to work! Carving four wooden candlesticks for a festive outdoor display won’t take long.

Four DIY wooden candlesticks standing on a lawn in front of a red brick wall

More ideas for outdoor wooden Christmas decorations

Your DIY wooden candlesticks are ready to add a festive mood to your garden.

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Summary: How to Make DIY wooden candlesticks

  • For this wooden candlestick project, you’ll need four logs that stand up and a chainsaw. Any kind of softwood or hardwood is suitable for outdoor Christmas decorations, but remember that softwood with a low resin content is easier to carve with a chainsaw.
  • When working with a chainsaw, always wear personal protective equipment as per the operating instructions.
  • Use your chainsaw to mark the base of the flame all around the log.
  • Slowly carve out the flame shape until its outline becomes clear.