Grass trimmer PPE: personal protective equipment to keep you safe

A grass trimmer is a powerful tool, and it’s important to keep safety in mind when you use one. The right PPE is an essential consideration.

A woman sitting on a garden step, holding a STIHL face visor with ear defenders, with a grass trimmer laying nearby

PPE overview

Alongside ensuring safe working practices with your grass trimmer or brushcutter, you must also wear the right clothing and equipment to keep you protected. The PPE gear must be fit for purpose and must not impair you in your work, meaning it’s a good idea for it to be close-fitting. Don’t wear anything that could get caught in trees, bushes or scrub; you shouldn’t wear scarves, ties or jewellery, for example. If you have long hair, tie it up so it’s above your shoulders, and keep it out of the way with a headscarf or cap.

We’ve summarised and explained the PPE options when working with your grass trimmer.

A smiling man wearing a STIHL helmet and safety glasses

Grass trimmer PPE: don’t overlook a helmet

Take it from the top: you should wear a helmet when using a grass trimmer or brushcutter for thinning work in tall scrub, and anywhere there is a risk of falling branches and objects.

Face protection and safety glasses

A person wearing a face visor and ear protectors, using a STIHL FS 58 R petrol grass trimmer at the edge of a lawn

When working with a grass trimmer you should wear both safety glasses and a full-face visor or guard, as there is a risk of flying debris. Please note that a visor alone will not adequately protect your eyes.

As well as protecting you from injury, STIHL safety glasses are lightweight, secure and comfortable to wear. The high-quality glasses also absorb harmful UV radiation and provide a clear view that helps reduce eye fatigue.

A woman wearing STIHL DYNAMIC BT-N combined ear and face protection, holding a STIHL FS 58 R petrol grass trimmer

Ear protection

Working in noisy conditions can cause long term hearing loss, so using ear defenders while you work with your petrol grass trimmer is extremely important. STIHL ear protectors suppress the sound pressure and frequencies generated by motorised machines, and we recommend their use in combination with a helmet. Eye protection is also always essential. 

A person wearing gloves kneeling on the ground checking a STIHL FS 311 clearing saw

Hand protection

Strong work gloves made from leather or another robust material will help you keep a secure grip on your tool. If you’re using a clearing saw, we also recommend our practical, specially developed hand guard.

A man wearing STIHL protective trousers and carrying a helmet set, walking among trees

Leg protection

It’s important to wear close-fitting clothing when working with your grass trimmer or brushcutter. Even if you only use the tool occasionally, taking precautions with PPE for your legs is also a sensible idea. Our FS Protect protective trousers are compatible with impact resistant inserts that cover your shins. 

A woman sitting on steps tying a bootlace with a STIHL FS 58 R petrol grass trimmer and visor with ear defenders nearby

Work Boots

For heavy-duty brushcutter work you should wear safety boots with a non-slip sole and good grip, plus steel toe caps. If your grass trimmer only uses a mowing line, you can wear any sturdy, non-slip shoes with a good grip.

Video: Grass Trimmer PPE

PPE can’t do everything! No protective clothing can guarantee absolute safety, so remember that PPE is not a substitute for safe working practices. It is vital that you follow the guidelines included in the operating instructions for your grass trimmer.

Operating instructions for STIHL grass trimmers

Download the operating instructions for your STIHL grass trimmer anytime from our Support section.

Summary: grass trimmer PPE 

  • A helmet will protect you from falling branches and objects when working in scrub with a grass trimmer or brushcutter.
  • You must wear safety glasses and face protection such as a visor or face guard.
  • Ear protection minimises ear damage caused by noisy tools.
  • Good gloves protect you from injuries and help you keep a secure grip on your tool.
  • Close-fitting clothing is the safe choice when working with a grass trimmer.
  • Safety boots with steel toe caps will give you a secure footing and protect you from injuries.