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Technical details

Sprocket nose pitch9,32mm/3/8"P
Groove width1,1mm/.043"
Guide bar connection3005
Number of teeth, sprocket nose9
Bar length30cm/12",35cm/14"

Light 04 - For 3/8" P: Up to 20% less weight, improved balance and handling

For professionals in forestry and agriculture as well as in gardening and landscaping. The Light 04 features a special construction that means you benefit from improved balance and less fatigue when sawing. This guide bar’s slim contour means it weighs up to 200g less than existing guide bars. The result is easier manoeuvrability during cutting, and agile chainsaw work. Suitable for felling, limbing and tree maintenance work.

For Picco Super 3 Pro 1.1 mm saw chains.

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