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Technical details

Saw chain pitch9,32mm/3/8"P
Drive link gauge1,1mm/.043",1,3mm/.050"
Bar length30cm/12",35cm/14",nicht relevant
Number of drive links277,44 Tg,50 Tg

Picco Super 3 Pro (PS3 Pro) - For 3/8" P: Low profile, full chisel tooth saw chain with narrow kerf

The PS3 Pro saw chain is a low profile full chisel tooth chain with a narrow kerf for increased cutting performance of 20% compared to PS3 chain. Smooth cutting, excellent biting characteristics, very clean cutting surface, low vibration. Low feed forces make this the idea saw chain for arborists.

For MS 201 C-M, MS 201 TC-M, MSA 220 C-B, MSA 220 T, MSA 220 TC-O

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