Professional gardener - Jane Moore

Jane Moore, Head Gardener - Bath Priory

I love gardening because nothing connects you more to nature and to life really than being in a garden I think.

My name is Jane Moore and I’m a Professional Head Gardener.

The cordless range is wonderful because it’s so beautifully quiet and also versatile. I can just quickly charge the battery and pop one battery from one machine into another, in the blink of an eye. And I can then charge the battery up again quickly while I’m having a cup of tea.

For me there is nothing quite like the joy that I get from the garden when everything is growing really well. And at the moment roses and the geraniums are all in full flower. All the moths have come out in the meadow and are all buzzing around doing what moths do.

One of the things I really love about gardening is feeling that you have that connection with the passage of time really; that the seasons go by and you are part of them. And you get to savour each one as it comes. I must admit there are a few winters that I don’t savour very much. But even so, there’s nothing like coming out of a hard winter and into a most beautiful spring.

I never have to worry about my tools letting me down.

That’s why I choose STIHL.

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