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Rapid Hexa - For 3/8": High cutting performance saw chain with fast sharpening

The STIHL 3/8" Rapid Hexa full chisel saw chain sets new standards for chain performance, service life and ease of sharpening. Designed with professionals in mind, it is the ideal saw chain for forestry and harvesting wood. Hexa is available in 1.6mm 3/8” pitch and is compatible with all professional petrol models from the MS 362 – MS 661.

  • +10% cutting performance Due to the narrower kerf, Rapid Hexa saw chain gives a 10% improvement in cutting performance compared with Rapid Super saw chain – for maximum output during felling work.
  • Sharp for longer The hexagonal file sits perfectly in the profile of the cutting tooth, meaning it's easier to achieve a high quality finish that stays sharper for longer.
  • Quicker and easier sharpening The optimum fit of the Hexa cutting tooth and Hexa file also makes sharpening much quicker and easier than with a round file. The ideal sharpening angle is achieved every time the chain is sharpened.
  • Longer service life As Rapid Hexa saw chain needs sharpening less often, its service life is longer as a result.

The STIHL Rapid Hexa chain is based on the patented, exclusive STIHL Hexa system. Only the Hexa file can be used to sharpen the Hexa saw chain. Find out more about Hexa here: www.stihl.com/hexa.

  • Can only be resharpened with a Hexa file
  • High-performance saw chain with innovative tooth shape
  • Long chain life thanks to almost perfect re-sharpening
  • Quick and easy re-sharpening with the Hexa system
  • Rapid HEXA

    Technical details

    Chain pitch9,32mm/3/8",9.32mm/3/8"
    Drive link thickness1,6mm/.063",1.6mm/.063"
    Bar length40cm/16",45cm/18",50cm/20",63cm/25",71cm/28",75cm/30",90cm/36"
    Required File size5,2mm RH / 13/64“,5.2mm RH / 13/64“

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