Preparing your lawn mower for winter storage

Taking time to prepare your lawn mower for winter will help ensure a smooth start the following spring.

A woman wearing gloves folds down the handlebar of a lawn mower inside a tidy garage

Before work

Important safety precautions: You must disconnect the spark plug on petrol mowers before winterising or carrying out any work on the machine; for electric lawn mowers, disconnect the power cord; and for cordless lawn mowers, remove the battery. 

How to get a petrol mower ready for winter storage 

How to prepare your petrol lawn mower’s engine for winter storage

Person pumps gasoline from a STIHL RM 448 TC gasoline lawn mower for winter storage

Empty the petrol tank 

It’s important to ensure that the fuel tank of your lawn mower is empty before the winter break. Any remaining petrol will degrade over the winter, meaning you may have problems starting your mower if you leave petrol in the tank until spring. If there is only a little fuel in the tank after you’ve done the last cut, we recommend  leaving the lawn mower running until the engine stops by itself. 

Close-up of a lawn mower dipstick that is being held over a rag to check the oil level

Check the oil level 

When preparing your petrol lawn mower for winter, it’s important to ensure the oil level is right. Your machine should always be maintained in good working order – even while it is in storage for the winter. If the oil needs changing towards the end of the season, you should do it immediately rather than putting it off until after winter. Your STIHL dealer will of course be happy to help you with the oil change, though if you prefer to change the oil yourself, please observe the operating instructions and use the recommended brand oil. 

Getting your cordless lawn mower and battery ready for winter storage

Many elements of preparing a cordless lawn mower for winter storage are the same as for a combustion engine or electric lawn mower: cordless lawn mowers should also be cleaned thoroughly and the moving parts greased. But before you do any of that, remove the battery from your cordless lawn mower.
You should charge the battery to around 40-60% (2 LEDs), then store it separately from the lawn mower in a dry room at 10 to 15°C: these conditions ensure the battery remains undamaged, retains its storage capacity and is fully operational next season. If the battery in your cordless lawn mower is fixed and not removable, you need to store the machine as a unit – which means storing the complete lawn mower in a warm, dry place. 

Person removes the battery from a STIHL RMA 339C cordless lawn mower for winter storage

Summary: Storing your lawn mower for winter

  • Thoroughly clean your lawn mower.
  • Check the condition of the cutting blade and sharpen / replace if necessary.
  • Store in a dry place.
  • Do not leave any fuel in the tank.
  • Check the oil level.
  • For cordless lawn mowers: remove batteries and store them in a dry, warm place.