Arborist and Forester - Chris Pratt

I've worked in foresty and as an arborist for over 19 years now. It's a demanding job in a tough environment, but I love it as I get to work outside every day and enjoy my surroundings, wherever I might be. When we have lots of trees, or big trees to deal with, it can be tough especially in the wind and the rain, and when it gets muddy and cold it's particularly hard-going.

The day to day challenges I face in forestry make it vital for me to work with durable, high quality tools to stay safe and ensure I can do an efficient job. In all the years I've been doing tree work I have only ever worked with STIHL tools and my tools are integral to my work. A typical day might involve loading, unloading and preparing equipment before assessing jobs and carrying out whatever tasks are required, be it pruning, removing brushwood, tree-felling or even winching dangerous trees. I choose STIHL because, to manage all this, my equipment needs to be safe and reliable every day. Without power tools, all the tree pruning and tree removal tasks that I carry out would be impossible.

That's why I choose STIHL.

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