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Technical details

Length53 mm
Width42 mm
Height14 mm
Weight20 g
Weight0.04 lb

STIHL Smart Connector: Tool fleet management made simple


STIHL connected is a smart fleet management system that enables professional users to digitally manage machine fleets and work assignments.

This is managed by the STIHL Smart Connector - a sensor with a diameter of just under 5cm, which is mounted on the tool. It can be mounted on petrol, electric or battery-powered tools where it records and saves the operating hours while the motor is running and transmits this information via Bluetooth® 4.2 to the STIHL connected App (the smart connector can be mounted on non-STIHL tools too). The Smart Connector offers entirely new functions and services, as a basis for device management both in your home garden using the STIHL connected App, and for managing your machine fleet using the STIHL connected Portal.

Here’s a few reasons why STIHL connected can help manage your fleet of tools:

  • The Digital Fleet Management keeps a record of all tools and their service record

  • You get prompts when a tool needs servicing, so you never forget to change the plug, filter or just carry out maintenance

  • You can see how many hours a tool has done, so you can plan which tools to use, replace or buy more of

  • At the end of the day, you can open the app and see which tools are next to you - so you can tell if something is missing

  • Book a service with your nearest STIHL Approved Dealer and give them access to see what work will be needed in advance.


STIHL Connected is an intuitive way to manage your machine fleet and workload intelligently and efficiently. Visit: STIHL connected FAQs to find out more.

Download the app for free or visit the STIHL connected Portal by clicking on the following links:

STIHL Smart Connector

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