STIHL connected

FAQ – frequently asked questions


Which STIHL products are currently "fully supported"?

The following STIHL products are currently “fully supported”: 

MSA 120, MSA 140, MSA 160, MSA 160 T, MSA 161 T, MSA 200, MSA 220, MS 170, MS 180, MS 201, MS 201 T, MS 231, MS 251, MS 261, MS 362, MS 500i, MS 661

Pole pruners and garden pruners
HT 56, HT 103, HT 133, GTA 26

Cut-off machines
TSA 230, TS 410, TS 420, TS 440, TS 480i, TS 500i

Brushcutters and clearing saws
FSA 45, FSA 56, FSA 57, FSA 130, FS 38, FS 40, FS 55, FS 56, FS 89, FS 91, FS 94, FS 111, FS 131, FS 240, FS 260, FS 311, FS 360, FS 410, FS 460, FS 490, FS 510, FS 560

KombiSystem, MultiSystem, edger and earth augers
KM 56, KM 91, KM 94, KM 111, KM 131, KMA 130, MM 56, BT 131, FR 131, FC 91

BGA 45, BGA 56, BGA 85, BGA 100, BG 50, BG 56, BG 66, BG 86, BR 430, BR 500, BR 600, BR 700, BR 800

Vacuum shredders and mistblowers
SH 56, SH 86, SR 430, SR 450

Hedge trimmers
HSA 45, HSA 56, HSA 66, HSA 86, HS 46, HS 56, HS 81, HS 82, HS 86, HS 87, HL 92, HL 94, HLA 56

Lawn mowers, lawn aerators and ride-on mowers
RMA 2 RT, RMA 235, RMA 339, RMA 443, RMA 448, RMA 765, RM 443, MB 443, RM 448, MB 448 CV, RM 655 YS, MB 655 YS, RM 756, MB 756 YC, RT 4082, MR 4082, RT 6127 ZL, MT 6127 ZL


What are the essential system requirements?

Smartphone for STIHL connected App:
• Features: Camera, GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0
• Operating system: iOS 11.0 (or higher), Android 5.0 (or higher)

PC for STIHL connected portal:
• Windows or Mac
• Internet connection

How do I correctly connect the STIHL Smart Connector to my STIHL product?

Our installation video shows you how to fit the STIHL Smart Connector correctly. You are shown installation videos in the STIHL connected App or STIHL connected portal when you add the STIHL Smart Connector.

Which products can be retrofitted with the STIHL Smart Connector?

In principle, the STIHL Smart Connector can be retrofitted to STIHL products as well as third-party products. The full functionality of the STIHL Smart Connector is only guaranteed with fully supported STIHL products. The position where the Smart Connector is fitted is predefined for fully supported STIHL products. Apart from that, the recommended product-specific servicing instructions are already stored in the system.

Can I reuse a second-hand STIHL Smart Connector on a different product?

STIHL Smart Connectors are designed with mounts which are suitable for one-time use only. As such, use on another product is not recommended. However, the STIHL Smart Connector can always be reconfigured (in terms of the pairing between a machine and the STIHL Smart Connector).

Does the STIHL Smart Connector also record my product's service life if the smartphone with the STIHL connected App is not in range?

The service life is recorded regardless of a connection to the smartphone. This means that it is not always necessary to have a smartphone connection, as service life details are also stored locally on the STIHL Smart Connector.

How do I perform maintenance on my STIHL product when recommended to do so (e.g. checking the chain brake or chain lubrication, etc.)?

The precise steps for maintaining your STIHL product are described in the respective user manual. Tip: Digital user manuals are also available at and in the STIHL app.

The runtime of my STIHL product is not recorded or deviates. What can I do?

To ensure correct runtime recording it is important to observe the exact position recommended for fitting on fully supported STIHL products.  However, if the runtime still deviates, please check that there are no strong magnetic fields within about 0.5 meters during storage, transport and usage.

The location of my product is not shown or does not match the actual location. What can I do about this?

The location analysis does not offer a localization function, it is designed for analysis of the application. To ensure the location is shown correctly, the smartphone with STIHL connected App and the STIHL product concerned must be within range of each other at the operating site. The range is no more than ten meters.

Can the STIHL Smart Connector and the STIHL connect system also be used with second-hand products?

Yes, second-hand products can also be used. The information in the attached sheet and in the instructions provided in the STIHL app offer further guidance. It is also possible to set operating time at a certain level when setting up products and the STIHL Smart Connector. This means that previously completed operating time can be entered in advance as a starting value.

Where can I find the serial number or barcode for my product?

You will find the serial number and - on newer STIHL products - the barcode on the rating label of your STIHL product.

How can I change the language of the STIHL connected App or in the STIHL connected portal?

STIHL connected App:
You can change the language setting directly in the App under "settings". 

STIHL connected portal:
You can change the language setting in the settings of your user account under “Account Data”. 

How can I add a product in the STIHL connected App or STIHL connected portal?

STIHL connected App:
After starting the STIHL connected App you can find your product overview under “Equipment”. You can add a new product using the “+” sign at the navigation bar on the bottom of the screen.

STIHL connected portal:
Adding new products is effected via the navigation bar in the product overview.

How can I change the nickname of my product?

Nicknames can be assigned in the editing mode when setting up a new product or carrying out subsequent editing. In the case of products already in the system you can reach the setting in the respective detailed view of the product under item “Edit”. 

How can I delete a product?

You can select “Delete” under item Edit” in the detailed view of the product. The product is then removed from your product overview.

How can I delete my STIHL connected account?

You can delete your personal account in your account settings using the editing options in the STIHL connected portal. Please note that all personal data and product data are permanently deleted in this process. 

How can I authorise other employees?

As fleet manager you can add further employees and assign rights in the respective user settings at any time via the STIHL connected portal. A communal machine fleet can be operated in this way.

How can I change the product picture?

When setting up a new product you can add a product picture from the photo gallery of your smartphone.
Changing pictures of already added products is not possible at the moment. An implementation of this fuctionallity is already in the pipeline.
Workaround: Delete the product (the product data will be lost) and add it again. Now you can take a new picture.

How do I change the image for my account?

You can change the image for your user account in your account settings. To do so, select the profile image icon from the menu.

How can I change my address?

You can change the address of your user account via the account settings in the STIHL connected portal. The address cannot be changed in the STIHL connected App.

How do I change my stored STIHL dealer?

You can change the information regarding your STIHL dealer using your account settings.

I cannot identify the serial number for the STIHL Smart Connector on the label. Can you help?

For paired products, the serial number (MAC address) can be viewed in the STIHL connect pro portal. In addition to the serial number in clear text, the 2D data matrix code includes the serial number. The data matrix code can be read using the STIHL app. If it is no longer possible to read the entire label and the Smart Connector is no longer paired, restoration is not possible.

What happens to my completed periods of work when I delete machines or users at a later point in time?

Your completed periods of work are retained for the purpose of documentation.

The wrong display language is selected. How can I correct this?

 You can select the language in the menu bar of the STIHL connect pro portal or under the system settings in the STIHL app. If the language you have selected is not applied correctly in the portal, this may be due to your browser settings. Please delete cookies in your browser via your browser settings.

Where can I find personal support for setting up and using the STIHL Smart Connector?

Your STIHL dealer will be happy to help, as will our telephone service hotline.

Can I use other fleet management systems with my STIHL Smart Connector?

Currently it’s only possible to use the Smart Connector with the STIHL connected system.

How can I tell that the STIHL Smart Connector has successfully connected to the app?

The connection status of the STIHL Smart Connector is indicated by a red or green symbol in the STIHL app.

How big is the range between a STIHL Smart Connector and a smartphone?

The range between a STIHL Smart Connector and a smartphone is generally up to 10 metres. However, it may vary between different smartphones and if there are obstacles.

Can I assign multiple STIHL Smart Connectors to a single product?

No, only one STIHL Smart Connector can be assigned to each product.

Can multiple STIHL Smart Connectors be used at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to use multiple STIHL Smart Connectors at the same time. However, this may result in individual connectors’ response times increasing.

How often is the data synchronized between the STIHL connected App and STIHL Cloud?

As soon as the STIHL Smart Connector recognizes operation of your machine, the runtime is transmitted to the STIHL connected App several times per minute. The runtimes of the product are synchronized with the STIHL Cloud several times per minute when there is an existing connection between the STIHL connected App and Connector as well as a smartphone Internet connection. If the connections are not active, the data is temporarily stored and transmitted at the next opportunity.

Does the STIHL connected system offer protection against theft?

At present, the STIHL connected system cannot be used as an anti-theft alarm.

Is the operating time only determined if the STIHL app is connected?

Runtime is determined independent of the STIHL connected App. However, if the STIHL connected App is active, the runtime is transmitted several times per minute to the STIHL connected portal. If the STIHL connected App is inactive, the transmission interval is considerably reduced. 

The STIHL app indicates that an update is available for a STIHL Smart Connector, but I cannot start the update.

You can solve this problem by moving the STIHL Smart Connector and your smartphone closer to each other. In addition, please check the battery condition and replace the battery if necessary.

What languages is the app available in?

The app is currently available in the following languages: German, English, French, Flemish, Dutch, and Swedish.

STIHL Smart Connector

What operating conditions do the LEDs in the STIHL Smart Connector indicate?

Depending on its color, the LED in the STIHL Smart Connector housing indicates the operating status of the power tool. The operating conditions are indicated as follows:

  • Normal operation = glows green
  • Change battery = flashes red
  • Internal fault = glows red

The LED is activated as soon as the coin cell is fitted. The LED goes off after a few seconds to save power. 

The LEDs in the STIHL Smart Connector do not light up when the coin cell is inserted. What can I do about this?

Please ensure that the charged CR2032 cell is inserted with the correct polarity. If no LEDs light up, the battery needs to be reinserted or possibly replaced. If this does not resolve the problem, please contact a dealer.

The LEDs in the STIHL Smart Connector are flashing red. What can I do about this?

If the LEDs are flashing red, this indicates low battery charge. Please replace the battery.

The LEDs in the STIHL Smart Connector are lit up red (for several seconds). What can I do about this?

If the LEDs are continually lit up red for several seconds, this indicates an internal error in the STIHL Smart Connector. Please contact your dealer to remedy this.

The LEDs in the STIHL Smart Connector are flashing green. What does this mean?

If the LEDs are flashing in green, this signals a firmware update which may take up to a minute. Please do not remove the battery during the update.

I can't find the STIHL Smart Connector when setting up my STIHL connected App. What can I do?

Check the following:
• Your smartphone with the STIHL connected App is within a range of ten meters from the Connector. The time required for recognition can take up to 60 seconds. 
• You have activated location and Bluetooth on your smartphone.
• Smartphone meets the system requirements.
• The insulator film between the coin cell and contacts in the Smart Connector housing has been removed.
• The battery has been fitted observing the correct polarity.
• The LED in the Smart Connector housing glows green for a few seconds after the battery is fitted. 

If you still cannot find the Smart Connector in the STIHL connected App after this check, please submit a “Support Request” via the STIHL connected App.

My app is not showing any STIHL Smart Connectors nearby or is no longer providing current data even though the tools have been set up. What can I do about this?

First, check that the battery is inserted correctly. If no LEDs light up or if there is only a red signal, it may also be necessary to replace the battery. To do so, remove the coin cell and insert a new one. If the green LED lights up, you may start a new search process in the STIHL app. If the STIHL Smart Connector is still not found, please also replace the battery in this case. As a smartphone error cannot be ruled out as a possibility, it may be helpful to restart your smartphone.

What is the securing material included in delivery intended for?

The adhesive tape and screws, including plain washers, are supplied to suit the STIHL Smart Connector. Only the provided securing materials may be used when using the “sticking” or “screwing” methods to secure the STIHL Smart Connector. The dimensions of supplementary securing options such as “rivets” or “cable ties” mean that these options depend on the respective attachment location, and must therefore be selected and procured as appropriate. Where applicable, please note the information in the operating instructions.

Is my product's service life information lost when the battery in the STIHL Smart Connector is flat?

A flat battery or a battery replacement do not result in the service life being lost. The service life is constantly backed up and when a new battery is inserted for example, the most recently backed up value is restored.

How do I add a STIHL Smart Connector to a STIHL product I have set up?

After setting up a STIHL product, you can add a STIHL Smart Connector in the respective submenu.

Where do I find the datamatrix code of my STIHL Smart Connector?

The datamatrix code is under the STIHL Smart Connector’s coin cell battery. Open the cover and remove the coin cell to expose the datamatrix code.

I would like to fit a new STIHL Smart Connector to my machine. Can I carry over my machine's operating time?

A Smart Connector can be fitted to both new machines and ones that have been in use for any given length of time. If you fit a new STIHL Smart Connector to your machine, the previously-accrued operating time can be specified as a starting value.

My machine's operating time is too high. Is there a way to reset the operating time?

The only way to reset the operating time is indirectly: you must delete the existing pairing between the machine and the STIHL Smart Connector first. CAUTION: It will then no longer be possible to view or restore the pairing data (latest operating time). A starting value can be entered for a new pairing. The actual operating time can be corrected using this value. CAUTION: The history of the previous pairing is then also no longer available after this.

What happens if several STIHL connected systems are in range?

The STIHL app only receives data from recognised STIHL Smart Connectors. Any additional STIHL Smart Connectors that are nearby but not allocated to the current STIHL connect pro portal account are ignored.

Are there any disruptive factors that could influence my STIHL Smart Connector?

It’s possible that a strong magnetic field may cause your STIHL Smart Connector to determine too high an operating time.

What is the STIHL Smart Connector used for?

The STIHL Smart Connector is used to determine information about the use of a tool. To enable this to happen, the STIHL Smart Connector is attached to a tool and then automatically recognises when this tool is in operation. The service life is transferred to the STIHL connect pro portal by the STIHL app via smartphone.

Is the STIHL Smart Connector permanently connected to your smartphone?

The STIHL Smart Connector does not require a permanent active connection to your smartphone. The Connector periodically transmits the current runtime of your product.  The transmitted data is received automatically if the smartphone with the STIHL connected App is in range.

What power supply does the STIHL Smart Connector use?

An IEC-CR2032 lithium coin cell is required to operate a STIHL Smart Connector.

Can I also use a STIHL Smart Connector without a smartphone?

You need a smartphone as well as an account in the STIHL connected App and on the STIHL connected portal in order to be able to use all functions of STIHL connected.
It is also possible to use a STIHL Smart Connector without a smartphone, but will not be able transfer data from the Smart Connector to the STIHL connected portal.

Why does the STIHL app indicate that the STIHL Smart Connector is not connected even though it is nearby and the battery is charged?

In some cases, it may take several seconds for a STIHL Smart Connector to be recognised. This may result in the connection status only being correctly displayed after a short period of time, for example when starting the app.

Am I notified about updates and are these run automatically?

If there is an update available for the STIHL Smart Connector, you will receive a corresponding notification in the STIHL app and can then start the corresponding update.

Are updates for the STIHL Smart Connector installed automatically?

No, you are notified by means of a corresponding update and must then start the installation using the app.

STIHL connect pro portal

I've forgotten my password. What can I do about this?

On the login screen you can use “Forgot Password” to have a activation link sent to you by email and assign a new password.

How do I obtain access to the STIHL connected portal?

You can reach the STIHL connected portal at  You obtain access to the STIHL connected portal by registering.

Is software or an installation required for the STIHL connected portal?

No, the STIHL connect pro portal does not need to be installed. The STIHL connected portal is a browser application. Access to the portal is assured with an Internet connection.

What access details do I need for STIHL connected?

You have to register by STIHL connected App or via the STIHL connected portal for access to STIHL connected. You need an email address for this purpose. You can assign a password during the registration.

What is the STIHL connected portal needed for?

The STIHL connected portal is the digital workplace specially for commercial use.  It offers you extended features for comprehensive, digital fleet management. If you only use the STIHL connected App, you will only have access to a limited range of STIHL connected functions, analysis and display facilities.

Can the dealer view my data?

The servicing dealer will have access to your customer master data if you have added the dealer in the STIHL connected portal to your account. The dealer gains access to your product-specific machine data only if you have agreed to “..the transmission of my data to the selected dealer ..” in the editing mode of your product. 
If you have not added a servicing dealer, no customer or machine data is transmitted. 

Does the dealer receive a notification when I set up a maintenance instance for my machines?

Your dealer is only notified when an appointment is specifically agreed, i.e. they are not automatically notified when maintenance instances are created and maintenance is performed.

I am not a commercial user and therefore do not have any customers. Is it still possible to schedule periods of work and instances of maintenance?

You can schedule and implement periods of work and instances of maintenance even if you do not have customers.

Is the warranty on my STIHL products influenced by the use of STIHL connected (e.g. services performed or missed)?

No, STIHL warranty decisions are not made of the basis of service information from STIHL connected.  

Can I locate my employees using STIHL connected?

No, it is not possible to locate employees. Location information is only used during active operation of the machines to localise a period of work.

What does STIHL do with my data from STIHL connected?

STIHL will only use your personal data, in particular the machine, device and usage data, to comply with the contract which exists with you, and for the purposes of supporting your products. In addition, we use these data to produce anonymized statistics, helping us to improve our products and services, to observe products and to ensure product safety.

What is the STIHL connect pro portal used for?

The STIHL connect pro portal is an advanced fleet management system.


I've forgotten my password. What can I do about this?

You can request a new password in the login screen to reset your password.

The app does not recognize the datamatrix code in the STIHL Smart Connector's battery compartment. What can I do?

• First check that your smartphone’s Internet connection is active. 
• Then try to move the datamatrix code into the app’s scan window. Tap the scan window to re-focus the image. Vary the distance between smartphone and datamatrix code if focusing is not possible. Make sure lighting is adequate. 
• If the datamatrix code cannot be read, select the keypad symbol in the menu bar and enter the serial number of the STIHL Smart Connector.

Where can I obtain the STIHL connected App?

The STIHL connected App is available for devices with 
• iOS operating system in the App Store
• Android operating system in the Google Play Store
Tip: Enter “STIHL connected” as your search word.

What is the STIHL connected App needed for?

The STIHL connected App is a central system module of STIHL connected. It is needed in order to transmit the data collected by the STIHL Smart Connector per WLAN or the mobile data connection of your smartphone or tablet to the STIHL Cloud. The data is then available to you for evaluation in the STIHL connected portal. Using the STIHL connected App you can better plan and document your own jobs. 

My STIHL connected App shows no STIHL Smart Connectors in the vicinity or supplies no more up-to-date data even though the power tools are set up. What can I do?

Check the following:
• A malfunction in the STIHL connected App is excluded. If necessary, log out of the STIHL connected App, close the app, open the app again and log on.
• The battery has been fitted observing the correct polarity.
• The battery is not low on charge. If necessary, fit a new battery.

If the data is not updated, please submit a “Support Request” via the STIHL connected App.

Is an Internet connection necessary to use the STIHL connected App?

No Internet connection is necessary to use the app. There is no need for an Internet connection even during use with your machines since data is temporarily stored locally on the Connector. However, an Internet connection is necessary (WLAN or mobile data connection) for the data exchange between the STIHL connected App and the STIHL connected portal.