How-to guide: ¡MOW® robotic lawn mower maintenance

Your robotic mower needs regular maintenance to function effectively and reliably. Our guide to iMOW® care and servicing makes it simple.

STIHL iMOW® Mähroboter 422 vor der Wartung auf grünem Rasen

Why regular maintenance is important

Your iMOW® robotic lawn mower is exposed to wear and tear every day as it cuts your lawn. We recommend following a programme of weekly and annual maintenance tasks to keep your robotic lawn mower in peak condition for longer. 

Preparing your ¡MOW® for maintenance

Activate the disabling device by holding the stop button for 5 seconds before carrying out maintenance on the robotic mower. Always wear sturdy gloves, especially when working with the mower blade. Disconnect the mains plug when performing maintenance work on the docking station.

Important note: Stick to the steps described in the user manual for all maintenance work. Your STIHL dealer can also perform any maintenance work if you prefer not to do it yourself. 

When to service your robotic lawn mower

Weekly maintenance and annual servicing of your robotic mower will ensure your iMOW® stays in great working order. We recommend the following maintenance programme:

A STIHL iMOW® 422 robot lawn mower in its docking station

Daily routine care

Give your robotic lawn mower a quick visual check every day it is in use. Check how the machine looks, and whether the docking station is intact. Make sure the lawn area that needs mowing is free from objects that could damage your iMOW®. 

The underside of a STIHL iMOW® 422 robot lawn mower being cleaned with a brush

Weekly general maintenance

Disable your mower and turn it onto its side. Remove any dirt on the housing with a soft cloth and clean the mower blades with a brush. Remove any bits of grass that are stuck in the housing or mower unit with a wooden stick. We also recommend checking these parts on a weekly basis as part of the maintenance programme for your robotic lawn mower. You can find more information in the article on cleaning your iMOW®.


Annual inspection

Take your robotic mower to your STIHL dealer for a winter inspection as part of your annual maintenance programme. The dealer will check for wear and look at the battery, software and electronic module. 

Preparing for winter

Preparing your iMOW® robotic mower for storage at the end of the growing season is simple. After a little maintenance and cleaning, your lawn mower is ready to rest for the cold season. Learn how to prepare your iMOW® for winter in this article. 

Not sure what your iMOW® needs? Our STIHL dealers will be happy to answer any questions 

Summary: robot lawn mower maintenance

  • To prepare for maintenance work, activate the disabling device and wear sturdy gloves.
  • Follow a programme of daily, weekly and annual maintenance for your robotic lawn mower.
  • You can take your robotic lawn mower to your dealer for maintenance if you prefer.
  • Check and clean your robotic lawn mower to prepare it for winter storage.