How to prepare your robot lawn mower for winter storage

With the first frost, it’s time to prepare and service your robot lawn mower for winter. Our guide makes winterproofing your robotic mower easy.

 STIHL iMOW® Mähroboter 422 wird mit einem Tuch gereinigt und winterfest gemacht

Why your robot lawn mower needs a winter break

By late autumn, the grass in your lawn only grows very slowly, and there is little point in mowing the grass in winter – in fact, doing so could actually damage the lawn. So when the cold weather arrives, your garden helper can enjoy a well-earned winter sleep.

Low temperatures, snow and rain can also damage the sensitive electronics of your iMOW®, so you need to store it indoors over winter. You should also protect the charging station from moisture while the iMOW® is in storage. 

When should I put away my robot mower for winter?

Your lawn’s last cut of the year should be before the first frost, once temperatures are regularly below 10°C or so – generally in late October or early November. Then it’s time to decommission your iMOW® robotic mower for winter storage. 

STIHL iMOW® 422 robot lawn mower in its docking station on a lawn

In spring your grass begins to awaken from its winter hibernation, and your robot mower needs to be ready to hit the garden for the first mow of the season. 

When can I use my robot lawn mower again after winter?

It depends on the region you live in and the current weather conditions. As a general rule, the first warmer days of sunshine between March and April herald the start of the new gardening season – that is when you know winter is definitely over. 

Would you prefer to have someone else take care of servicing and storing your robot lawn mower for winter? Our STIHL dealers will be happy to advise you if you have any questions, and can also perform all important work on your iMOW® if necessary. 

How to store your robot mower for winter

It just takes a few steps to prepare your robot mower for winter storage. 

The cutting blade being removed from a STIHL iMOW® 422 robot lawn mower by a person wearing gloves

Cutting blade

As you’re not going to use your robot lawn mower for a while over winter, now’s a good time to check the cutting blade. Is it still sharp enough or does it need replacing? We recommend replacing the cutting blade after 200 operating hours. 

A winter service for your robot mower

We recommend that you take your robot lawn mower to a STIHL Approved Dealer for an annual check- up during the winter months. This will include inspection of sensitive components such as the battery, electronics and software. 

Summary: preparing your robot lawn mower for winter storage 

  • Frost and snow can damage your robot lawn mower so you should store it in a dry, warm place over winter
  • You should put your robot lawn mower into storage no later than the end of autumn, before the coldest temperatures hit
  • Make sure your iMOW® is in good working order. Before putting it into storage for winter, check your robot mower for damage and take it to one of our qualified dealers to be repaired or serviced if necessary
  • Thoroughly clean your robot mower before storing it for the winter
  • Store your robot mower in a dry, lockable place over winter