¡MOW® robotic mower mowing plan: a dynamic lawn care schedule

Once your robotic mower is installed the next step is to create a mowing schedule that meets your needs. Then it's good to go!

A STIHL dealer kneeling to adjust settings on a STIHL RMI 422 iMOW® robot mower in a garden

Choosing the right robotic mower

There is a robotic mower to suit almost any garden, big or small, because ¡MOW® models can handle lawn areas up to 5,000 m² in size. The amount of mowing time scheduled depends on how much lawn the mower needs to cover.

Model RMI 422 RMI 422 P RMI 422 PC RMI 522 C RMI 632 RMI 632 C RMI 632 P RMI 632 PC
Maximum lawn area in m2 800 1,500 1,700 2.100 3,000 3,200 4,000 5,000
Average weekly mowing time* 16 h 25 h 28 h 35 h 35 h 38 h 40 h 50 h

*Under ideal conditions (no obstacles, awkward geometry or slopes in the garden), in relation to the stated maximum area.

A smartphone displaying the iMOW® app

With the RMI 4 and RMI 6 series ¡MOW® C models, you can use the app to adjust many of the settings from your smartphone or tablet, or do so on the machine itself. It means you can remotely create the mowing schedule, retrieve status reports, and pause or restart mowing operations, for example. The app is intuitive and extremely easy to use.

Robotic mower mowing plan: setting the best times for mowing

Once your robotic mower is ready, it goes to work based on a mowing schedule with active times that you set. During active periods, the robotic mower can leave the docking station at any time to mow the lawn. As such, this active time is not only taken up with mowing and charging processes, but also idle phases; your robotic mower will automatically plan to complete any mowing and charging processes during the available permitted periods, though you can also make manual adjustments to the mowing schedule.

Look out for hedgehogs!

Domestic pets may not be the only creatures enjoying your garden – you may have wildlife such as hedgehogs living there too. A wildlife camera that records activity in your garden, including at night, can confirm their presence and help you decide to take appropriate precautions. However, the risk of injuring hedgehogs is much reduced if your robotic mower is only active in daylight hours, because they are nocturnally active and so at greater risk if you mow the lawn at dusk or after dark. Further information and advice on the best way to use your power tool and protect animals can be found in the operating instructions for your iMOW® mower.

Mowing plan active times: working hours for your robot mower

When making a mowing plan, the amount of time spent mowing should be based on the size of the area to be mowed – so your robotic mower will need longer mowing times to take care of larger areas. Any charging requirements also need to be considered, as your robot mower automatically factors these into its active times. Make sure that during active times the lawn is kept clear of objects that may obstruct the mower’s work. Always keep children and animals away from the mower, as there is a risk of injury!

Rain sensor: protecting your mower and your lawn

Mowing during rain can cause the robotic mower to become dirty much more quickly, and may cause damage to the grass roots. That’s why your iMOW® robotic mower features a rain sensor as a key function. You can change the sensitivity setting from “Mow in any weather” to “Only mow in dry weather”. With the rain sensor switched on, the robot mower stops work when it begins to rain, and catches up on the lost time later. Of course, if you want your mower to keep going in spite of the weather, you can simply adjust the sensor setting or turn it off completely. Built-in app communication means that all iMOW® C models also receive up-to-date online weather forecasts, and dynamically integrate this data into the work schedule.

A STIHL RMI 422 iMOW® robot mower in its docking station
A STIHL dealer sets the dynamic mowing schedule of a STIHL RMI 422 iMOW® robot mower on a green lawn

How to program a dynamic mowing plan for your ¡MOW®

First enter the size of your mowing area. The mower calculates a plan which incorporates the weekly mowing time necessary based on this figure, and then suggests active times which you can simply approve with the OK button. If you want to change the suggested plan, for example because your children play in the garden every Wednesday afternoon, you can adjust times individually. 

Summary: robot mower mowing plan

  • The mowing plan schedules mowing times based on the area of the lawn to be mowed.
  • You can individually set and adjust the mowing schedule.
  • We recommend that you only allow the robot mower to run during the day, so that no nocturnal animals are at risk.
  • The rain sensor helps to detect rain and can maintain the cutting pattern and mowing performance.