Pressure washing: Tips for optimum work

Even the most stubborn dirt can be thoroughly removed with the powerful water jet from a STIHL pressure washer. To help you get the job done right the first time and enjoy the results, we have put together some important presure washre tips in our guides. They will tell you everything you need to know about correct start-up and ideal maintenance of your power tool, as well as providing comprehensive information on sandblasting with a pressure washer.

A woman exiting a garage with a STIHL RE 130 PLUS high-pressure cleaner that she is about to use

Using a pressure washer

Your pressure washer is ready for a huge range of cleaning tasks. Our guide shows you what you should bear in mind and the water sources you can use.
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A man in front of a garage wet blasting using the STIHL RE 130 PLUS high-pressure cleaner

Wet blasting

Whether metal fences, stone patios or masonry, you can thoroughly clean durable surfaces with wet blasting. Find out how sandblasting works with pressure washers and what equipment you need in our guide.
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A woman cleaning a STIHL RE 130 PLUS high-pressure cleaner with a cloth, for high-pressure cleaner maintenance

Pressure washer: Maintenance and care

Proper care is important for a long power tool service life. How do you keep your pressure washer in optimum condition and make it ready winter storage? Find out in our guide.
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Tips for outdoor cleaning