Accessories for pressure washers


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Spray guard
Spray guardBrushes / Surface Cleaners
For RE 80–RE 150 PLUS
Function slim klar
FUNCTION SLIM GlassesSafety glasses
Scratch-resistant plastic protects the glasses
Backflow preventer
Backflow preventer including 3/4" couplingPressure Washers Accessories
Prevents water flowing back out of the pressure washer
Wet Sandblasting Device
Wet sandblasting devicePressure Washers Accessories
Designed to achieve best results with STIHL SB 90 blasting granulate
Water filter
Water filterPressure Washers Accessories
For RE 80–RE 150 PLUS
Wash Brush
Wash brushBrushes / Surface Cleaners
Wash brushes for cleaning delicate surfaces
Spray lance extension
Spray lance extensionExtension Hoses / Adapters
Practical spray lance extension for high-pressure cleaner
CS 100
CS 100 Stone & facade cleanerPressure washer cleaning solutions
Powerful stone and facade cleaner
Suction set
Suction setPressure Washers Accessories
A water filter is recommended to protect the cleaner during use
RA 90
RA 90 Surface cleanerBrushes / Surface Cleaners
For quick, splash-free cleaning of medium-sized areas
RA 110
RA 110 Surface cleanerBrushes / Surface Cleaners
For RE 80–RE 150 PLUS
Rotating wash brush
Rotating wash brushBrushes / Surface Cleaners
Enhanced efficiency thanks to rotating inner brush and adjustable working angle
Flat textile hose
Flat textile hoseExtension Hoses / Adapters
Low pressure hoses with practical holder
Hose attachment
Hose attachmentExtension Hoses / Adapters
Hose for STIHL Pressure Washer
High-pressure hose extensionsExtension Hoses / Adapters
High-pressure hose extensions with quick-release coupling
Spray lance
Spray lanceExtension Hoses / Adapters
Long spray lance for cleaning hard-to-reach areas
Foam nozzle
Foam nozzleNozzles
Effective foam nozzle with measuring system for high-pressure cleaners
Fahrzeug-Reinigungsset für RE 80 - 170 PLUS
Vehicle cleaning setCleaning Sets
Highly effective vehicle cleaning set with a wash brush and two nozzles
Pipe cleaning set
Pipe cleaning setCleaning Sets
Extremely flexible cleaning set for narrow pipes
CC 100
CC 100 Vehicle shampoo & waxPressure washer cleaning solutions
Efficient shampoos and waxes for all vehicles
CU 100, 1 l
CU 100 Universal cleanerPressure washer cleaning solutions
All-purpose cleaner for cleaning hard surfaces
Universalreiniger Profi CP 200
CP 200 Universal cleanerPressure washer cleaning solutions
All-purpose cleaner for professional needs
CR 100
CR 100 Wheel cleanerPressure washer cleaning solutions
Cleaner for all light metal and steel rims
SB 90
SB 90 Blasting granulatePressure washer cleaning solutions
DuroFlex weatherproof jacket
DuroFlex weatherproof jacketJackets & shirts
Weatherproof jacket for working in adverse weather conditions
RAINTEC outdoor jacketJackets & shirts
Weatherproof jacket for working in extreme conditions
Raintec trousers
RAINTEC outdoor trousersTrousers
Practical thigh pocket
STANDARD safety glasses
STANDARD Glasses - ClearSafety glasses
Safety glasses made of clear plastic glass without coating
Telescopic spray lance
Telescopic spray lanceExtension Hoses / Adapters
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