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AL 301-4 Multiple battery charger: For charging multiple AP System batteries at once

230 V. Multiple battery charger for sequential charging of up to four AP batteries or AR L batteries with an AR L connecting cable and AP adapter.Cannot be used with AK batteries.Can be secured either to the wall or on a shelf, or permanently installed in a vehicle. Energy supply via an external feed. With operating mode indicator via LED and active battery cooling. AR L connecting cable and AP adapter for charging AR L backpack batteries not included in the scope of delivery.

AP System charge times:

  • AP 100 battery in 45 minutes

  • AP 200 battery in 55 minutes

  • AP 300 battery in 75 minutes

  • AP 300 S battery in 90 minutes

  • AP 500 S battery in 90 minutes

  • AR 2000 L battery in 290 minutes

  • AP 3000 L battery in 430 minutes

AL 301-4

Technical details

Rated voltage220-240 V
Rated current2.3 A
Weight4.4 kg
Weight9.7 lb
Power consumption0.3 kW

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