STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® may be the most exciting sport you’ve never heard of! The STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Series is the major league of lumberjack sports, with a massive global fan-base who follow the original extreme sport around the world.

Logger sport's origins go back to 19th century Australia, where foresters would compete against each other outside work, testing their technique and speed of felling and cutting up trees! Over time these tests of strength and skill evolved to a professional level and in 1985 the official STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Series was launched in the USA, with a standard set of rules and training structures. Europe joined the Series in 2001, and competitions are now held on four continents with some 2,000 athletes from over 20 countries taking part. 

TIMBERSPORTS® is made up of six events or disciplines: three with an axe and three with a saw, which replicate traditional lumberjack skills simulating the practice of felling or managing felled trees. Each discipline tests the strength, endurance and technical ability of the athletes against the clock, with the world’s best TIMBERSPORTS® athletes smashing through logs in seconds. It's fast, it's fascinating and it's thrilling to watch!

Here in Great Britain, we may be relative newcomers to the sport with our first national competition taking place in 2012 but we are already competing alongside the best in Europe – our national champion, Elgan Pugh, finished 11th in the world at the 2019 TIMBERSPORTS® World Championships.