STIHL and VIKING owners manuals and safety brochures

STIHL safety brochures

Chain Saw Safety Manual (GB) Download PDF, 1 MB
Cleaning Systems Safety Manual (GB) Download PDF, 865.5 KB
Cut-off Machine Safety Manual (GB) Download PDF, 1.2 MB
Hedge Trimmer Safety Manual (GB) Download PDF, 768.8 KB
Trimmer and Brushcutter Safety Manual (GB) Download PDF, 478.8 KB

Important Information

  • STIHL and VIKING online owner's manuals are usually for the latest versions of the machine. Your product may be a slightly older production model but the manual will still be appropriate for the relevant model number
  • Please also read the appropriate safety manual for your STIHL or VIKING machine
  • Instruction manuals for older machines may not be available online. Please contact your STIHL
    Approved Dealer, complete our online manual request form or send us an email at
  • The languages ​​contained in the document are also displayed in brackets, for example (GB) = English

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