STIHL ErgoStart: start-up has never been so effortless

If you use power tools with a starter cord, it’s worth knowing that STIHL ErgoStart technology takes much of the work out of starting them.

A STIHL MS 180 C-BE petrol chainsaw with ErgoStart on grass, being started up

What is STIHL ErgoStart?

STIHL ErgoStart is an innovative system that makes it possible to start STIHL power tools with minimum effort. This is thanks to an additional spring between the crankshaft and starter cord reel. You can identify which STIHL power tools feature ErgoStart by the “E” in the product designation. 

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No strain with STIHL ErgoStart

While activating a standard starter cord system requires quick, jerky movements, if your power tools have STIHL ErgoStart you only need to gently pull the starter cord – the ErgoStart system from STIHL does the rest. 

STIHL ErgoStart system advantages 

  • Minimal effort: the physical strain involved in starting an engine is significantly reduced.
  • A gentle, smooth pull on the starter cord: specific load peaks caused by cylinder compressions are barely noticeable on the starter cord.
  • Slower pulling required: the speed at which the starter cord needs to be pulled is considerably reduced.
  • More reliable starting: regardless of whether you pull the starter cord quickly or slowly, the engine will start reliably and with ease.
A STIHL 180 C-BE petrol chainsaw with ErgoStart being held by a person in  protective gear

How does the STIHL ErgoStart system work?

A smooth pull on the starter cord primes the spring between the cord reel and crankshaft. The engine starts as soon as the stored spring force is greater than the engine compression, thereby preventing arm and hand strain caused by the engine compression. 

Knee start using the STIHL MS 211 C chainsaw with ErgoStart

Summary: STIHL ErgoStart 

  • STIHL ErgoStart is a starting system that greatly reduces the force needed to pull the starting cord
  • On some models STIHL ErgoStart can be retrofitted
  • STIHL ErgoStart means less physical strain when starting a tool
  • Starting is made easy with STIHL ErgoStart, even for people with less physical strength