The STIHL fuel tank cap: clean and convenient

A small component that makes a big difference to your work: the tool-free STIHL fuel tank cap is designed to make your job easier.

STIHL MS 261 C-BE chain saw with toolless fuel tank cap next to MotoMix and BioPlus

STIHL fuel tank cap: get to work fast

Cleverly designed details turn power tools into machines that you can rely on to get the job done quickly. With that in mind we have developed a fuel tank cap for STIHL power tools that guarantees clean, easy use so you can focus on the more challenging aspects of your work. 

Advantages of the STIHL toolless fuel tank cap

Our specially designed fuel tank cap for fuel and oil tanks is quick and easy to use, requiring minimal effort and no tools. It features a wide opening for straightforward refuelling that requires just three steps. Newer fuel tank caps include markings on the tool parts to help you open and close the fuel tank cap correctly. 

A STIHL MS 261 petrol chainsaw on the floor with the caps for fuel and oil tanks removed.

Using the STIHL fuel tank cap - step 1: open

If you have just finished using your chainsaw, allow it to cool down. Remember that excess pressure can build up in the fuel tank and cause fuel to spray out if you open it when it's hot. Once cool, flip out the handle on the fuel cap and turn it clockwise by a small amount, 20° or so. If there is any built-up pressure in the tank, you will hear it being released, after which you can turn the fuel tank cap further to completely remove it. 

A STIHL MS 261 petrol chainsaw being filled with fuel

Using the STIHL fuel tank cap - step 2: fill

Pour the correct fuel mix into the fuel tank and chain oil into the oil tank. Transparent fuel tanks on the machines mean you can keep an eye on the fuel level, while large openings make filling clean and easy. Take care not to spill any fuel and lubricant when topping up the tanks, and do not fill them right to the brim. For even easier filling, we recommend you use the STIHL filling system.

Overhead view of a STIHL MS 261 petrol chainsaw on a tree stump, with people wearing protective gear around it

Using the STIHL fuel tank cap - step 3: close

Put the fuel tank cap back on correctly, press it down, and turn it anti-clockwise as far as it will go. The fuel tank cap will audibly click into place. Then fold in the handle of the cap. You’re ready to get back to work!

STIHL fuel tank cap: the importance of the seal

After refuelling and every time the power tool is used, always check that the fuel and oil tank cap are both correctly sealed. For safety reasons, power tools that have leaks – particularly in the fuel system – should no longer be used.

My STIHL fuel tank cap is not sealed – what should I do?

Every part of our toolless fuel tank cap is designed to be sealed. If you find that it leaks, first check if wood shavings or sawdust are preventing the fuel tank cap from closing properly. Be aware that after a few years of use, the seals can start to leak. If you notice the seal starting to degrade, your STIHL Approved Dealer can help you replace it.

Person wearing protective gloves opens the tool-free fuel tank cap on a STIHL petrol chain saw

Can the toolless fuel tank cap be retrofitted to all STIHL tools?

Unfortunately, power tools with a screw-on cap cannot be retrofitted with the STIHL fuel tank cap because the screw thread on standard caps is incompatible with the bayonet closure of the toolless fuel tank cap.

Summary: Tool-free STIHL fuel tank cap

  • The toolless fuel tank cap makes refuelling quick and easy
  • Oil and fuel tanks are accessed and resealed with a minimum of effort and no tools
  • Toolless fuel tank caps cannot be retrofitted