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RT 6112 ZL Petrol Ride-on Lawn Mower: High-performance ride-on mower with cruise control

The STIHL RT 6112 ZL offers you a combination of modern technology, top cutting quality and a modern design. Featuring lots of practical features and a powerful 2-cylinder engine STIHL EVC 7000, mowing larger areas of lawn is almost effortless. While the large cutting width of the lawn tractor offers fast and efficient mowing, the synchronous mowing deck, simple to adjust cutting height adjustment and catching management system simultaneously ensure a high-quality finish to your lawn. With single-pedal self drive and a single lever to change direction, the main controls of the RT 6112 ZL are simple use and quick to master. For added convenience when driving, the cruise control can be conveniently activated at the press of a button. You can therefore control the speed of your STIHL ride-on mower automatically and continue to work tirelessly. The LCD display clearly shows all the important information, even in bright sunlight. The clippings are collected in the 350-litre capacity grass catcher box which has a "dumper" style design to ensure all clippings are emptied. Thanks to the adjustable grass level indicator you always know when it is time to empty the catcher box. The RT 6112 ZL comes with a 5 year extended warranty (subject to registration and annual servicing).
  • Well-designed, user-friendly LCD display
  • For domestic users and landscape gardeners
  • Single-pedal drive for swift manoeuvring
  • High-power ride-on mower, also suitable for difficult terrain
  • Large 350-litre plastic grass collection box with sabre-type handle
  • RT 6112 ZL


    The pictures shown are sample photos. The actual appearance of the equipment features and their specific attachment to the product may differ from the pictorial representations, but will have the same functionality.

    Electromagnetic blade clutch (EBC)
    Cruise control function
    Trailer hitch

    Technical details

    Cutting width110 cm
    Cutting height30 - 110 mm
    Grass catcher box volume350 l
    Transmission typeHydrostatic
    Fuel tank capacity9 l

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