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KMA 135 R Cordless KombiEngine: Professional battery-powered KombiEngine with an AP battery slot in the tool

The STIHL KMA 135 R is a powerful battery-powered KombiEngine designed for professionals taking on the toughest gardening, landscaping and maintenance tasks throughout the working day. The KMA 135 R is battery powered meaning it has low noise emission – making it ideal for work in noise-sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals and quiet neighbourhoods. It’s powered by a 36-volt lithium-ion battery and is quiet, efficient and powerful enough to tackle a variety of tasks - whether it’s pruning, trimming, mowing, clearing or cutting! Compatible with all KombiTools (except FSB-KM), attaching and changing tools is made simple too – all you need to do is insert your desired tool into the shaft and tighten to secure it in place.

Fitted with a loop handle which makes tackling tasks on slopes, around trees or on uneven terrains even easier. The KMA 135 R has a powerful brushless EC motor and speed-adjustment on the control handle, which can be set at 3 different speed settings depending on the task you’re doing. It’s also fitted with an LED display as well as infinitely variable speed control. The air filter on the housing ensures that the engine is kept cool during work, improving the service life of the brushcutter. It’s easy to remove and clean too.

You can use any of the AP batteries with the KMA 120, however, working times will vary depending on which attachment you use with it. The AP 500 S battery will give you the longest working times but is also the heaviest of the AP batteries, so you may decide to choose a smaller capacity battery if you are going to be using the tool for a longer period of time, such as when hedge trimming.

The KMA 135 R is supplied with a basic harness as standard. KombiTools sold separately.

  • Individual tool without battery and without charger
  • Powerful cordless KombiEngine for professional applications
  • Durable air filter with metal mesh for optimum engine cooling
  • Can be combined with all KombiTools
  • Prepared for use with a Smart Connector 2 A
  • Can be combined with all KombiTools (except FSB-KM)
  • IPX4 rated for working in all weather
  • Features

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    KMA 135
    Air filter with metal mesh

    Technical details

    Rated voltage36 V
    Weight3.4 kg
    Length96 cm 1)
    Battery run time with AP 200up to 28 min
    Battery run time with AP 300 Sup to 45 min

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