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ADVANCE ProCOM ear protectors - headband version: Smart, efficient, comfortable communication

ADVANCE ProCOM headset acts as ear protection and a communication tool, tailored specifically to the needs of professionals working in forestry and tree maintenance.


  • The technology allows up to 16 people to be connected within a network, enabling users to stay in contact across distances of up to 600 m. Each headset acts as a signal enhancer, meaning wide areas can be covered.
  • The high quality microphone allows for clear communication. This is important when working on challenging tasks as a team.
  • Filtering can be used to dampen noise from other machinery, allowing you to work with high levels of sound insulation and noise protection.
  • The Bluetooth connection enables you to use a large number of phone functions without needing to take your phone out of your pocket. ProCOM can also be used in conjunction with the STIHL Wood List app to help record all relevant data about a felled tree trunk via voice input.
  • Traditional wireless devices can be integrated into the ADVANCE ProCOM communication system, so users without ear protection can also be included in the communication.
  • EN 352, SNR 32 (H : 35; M : 29; L : 23)

ADVANCE ProCOM will receive security updates for at least 36 months after purchase.

Technical details

Insulating value32 dB
H value35 dB
M value29 dB
L value23 dB
Weight0.39 kg

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