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Bluetooth ear protectors - headband version: Ear protectors with Bluetooth (BT)

Suitable for a wide variety of uses, such as with a smartphone, Bluetooth 4.0, separate AUX input, battery runtime up to 38 hours, EN 352, SNR 29. (H:33; M:26; L:18)
  • Bluetooth ear protectors for safe working in very noisy environments
  • For demanding private users and professionals
  • Perfect connectivity via Bluetooth 4.0, e.g. with smartphones
  • Separate AUX input and long battery life
  • Padded band with soft pads for wearing comfort
  • Dynamic BT

    Technical details

    Insulation value29 dB
    H value33 dB
    M value26 dB
    L value18 dB
    Bluetooth profileStandard 4.1. A2DP 1.2. HSP 1.1. HFP 1.6

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