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Carry bag: Transport and store your STIHL tools

Perfect for transporting and storing the tool together with the FS-KM or HL-KM KombiTools. Suitable for KM 56 RC-E, KM 94 RC-E, KM 111 R, KM 131 R, HSA 56, HSA 66, HSA 86, HLA 56, BGA 86, BGA 100, BGA 200 and all KombiEngines with loop handle.
  • Lightweight durable bag
  • The easy way to carry STIHL cordless accessories
  • Accessories remain clean when in storage
  • Suitable for battery and charger
  • Suitable for KMA 130 R/135 R, HSA 56/66/86, BGA 86/100 and all KombiEngines with loop handle
  • Carry bag

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