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iMOW® - the robotic lawn mower from STIHL

iMOW® - the robotic lawn mower from STIHL

Fully automatic lawn care at the touch of a button

The iMOW® robotic mower is the effortless way to a perfect lawn. It cuts smaller, medium-sized and larger lawns fully automatically, quickly and conveniently. Fully automatic lawn mowing and easy, intuitive operation via the iMOW® app, you can achieve optimum results quickly, quietly and effectively. The iMOW® robotic mowers mulch your lawn, meaning there is no grass to collect – and best of all, you can set it to mow at times that suit you.

  • All STIHL iMOW® robotic mowers come with a 5 year extended warranty

Warranty is subject to registration at a STIHL dealer and annual servicing. For more information on warranty, please speak with your STIHL dealer.